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Sunday April 25th, 2021 morning edition

image for Foxconn Finally Admits It Won't Create 13,000 Jobs in Wisconsin

But some ideas make so little economic sense that even the largest corporate subsidy ever awarded by a state government isn't enough.

Then-President Donald Trump, for example, predicted in 2018 that the planned factory on the outskirts of Milwaukee would be nothing less than "the eighth wonder of the world.".

In filings with the state, Foxconn says it now plans to employ 1,454 people and invest about $672 million into its still-under-construction factory in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin.

That's a long way from the $10 billion that the company initially promised to spend building a plant that would have employed 13,000 workers.

But recovering those subsidies won't bring back the residential neighborhood that was flattened to make space for the factory.

The enormous "Gen 10.5" LCD factory specified in the contract became a far smaller Gen 6, then was canceled, then came back.

The factory, he said in 2018, was evidence that his policies were "reclaiming our country's proud manufacturing legacy.". »

The Earliest Depiction of Jesus Was a Mocking Tribute to Christianity

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It depicts a roughly drawn figure of a man with the head of an ass crucified on a cross.

The graffiti was discovered on a building complex that was unearthed in 1857 on the Palatine Hill in Rome.

It is believed that the graffiti was drawn during this period by a mischievous student to tease another student named Alexamenos, who was apparently a devout Christian. »

Meet Aerospace Engineer Judith Love Cohen

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Judy was there when the Apollo 13 astronauts paid a “thank you” [visit] to the TRW facility in Redondo Beach.

She finished her engineering career running the systems engineering for the science ground facility of the Hubble Space Telescope.

During her engineering career, she was a vigorous and tireless advocate of better treatment for women in the workplace. »

Ted Nugent performed inside Florida anti-mask supermarket days before saying he has COVID-19

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Ted Nugent said he thought he was dying from COVID-19 just days after he performed inside a Florida supermarket that’s become well-known for its anti-mask stance.

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“I have had flu symptoms for the last 10 days and I thought I was dying,” Nugent said in his live video. »

Economic news reporting suffers from bias toward richest Americans

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Underlying dynamics have been shifting in recent decades, transforming the relationship between what's good for "the economy" as a whole and actual income gains for the average Americans.

The program examined a sample of nearly 2.5 million articles from 32 high-circulation U.S. newspapers, performing a time series analysis of their economics coverage.

GDP and employment data is released regularly throughout the year, but distributional indicators are rarer and published much less frequently. »