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Monday June 18th, 2018 evening edition

image for France's Front National (who support the EU's mandatory copyright filters) furious when Youtube's copyright filters kill their channel

France's Front National (who support the EU's mandatory copyright filters) furious when Youtube's copyright filters kill their channel.

These filters don't even exist yet; the closest we come is YouTube's Content ID, which Google created voluntarily, and which is notorious for acts of arbitrary, incorrect censorship.

Google spent $60,000,000 building Content ID, so that's the table stakes for any new online service.

That's what makes the far right European parties' support of this proposal so weird.

The broadcast named TVLibertés is gone, described by YouTube as “YouTube has blocked the broadcast of the newscast of Thursday, June 14 for copyright infringement.”

Political messages will be disappeared on mere allegations by a political opponent, just as might have happened here.

Politicians, about to vote in favor of mandatory upload filtering in Europe, get channel deleted by YouTube’s upload filtering [Rick Falkvinge/Private Internet Access]. »

Who, What, Why: Who was Leonidas of Rhodes?

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Michael Phelps has broken a 2,000-year-old Olympic record by surpassing the 12 individual titles won by Leonidas of Rhodes.

There were only seven triastes and Leonidas is the only one known to have achieved the honour more than once.

Remarkably, he was 36 when he did it on the fourth occasion - five years older than Phelps is today. »

'Trump is ours!': Russian state TV celebrates Trump's suggestion that Crimea is part of Russia

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Hosts and guests on Russian state-run TV network Russia 24 discussed reports that Trump sees Crimea as Russian.

Hosts of a show on Russian state-run TV channel Russia 24 celebrated President Donald Trump reportedly claiming to other world leaders that Crimea is part of Russia because everyone there speaks Russian.

Trump called Crimea Russian!," hosts of the Russia 24 show "60 minutes" discussed the BuzzFeed report, and seemed to interpret Trump's remarks as his official recognition of Crimea's status as Russian. »

Sheriff: Deputy sexually assaulted child, threatened undocumented mom if she reported it

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Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar said one of his off-duty detention officers has been arrested following accusations that he repeatedly sexually assaulted a 4-year-old.

Salazar said the victim's mother reported the sexual assault Saturday night after the child made an outcry to her mom.

Sheriff Salazar said the victim's mother is an undocumented immigrant and Nunez allegedly threatened her with deportation if she reported the sexual assault. »