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Saturday September 23rd, 2017 morning edition

image for Man cling-filmed car because he's sick of people parking outside his house and going on holiday

A man wrapped a car in cling film after becoming frustrated with people parking outside his house and then going on holiday.

Neil Junglas, 36, from Hunts Cross decided to get his own back on the driver of a silver Skoda that has now been outside his house for two days.

A man then got out of the car with two suitcases of luggage and also got in to the taxi and drove off.

Neil said: “They were clearly leaving their car there and just getting a taxi to the airport.

Neil complained he can no longer park his own car outside of his house because of the Skoda.

He told The ECHO that the car has attracted lots of attention and people have been stopping to take pictures.

Neil added that police even came to check the car but said they couldn’t do anything about it because it isn’t illegally parked. »

Puerto Rico dam failure 'imminent' after Hurricane Maria

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A failing dam is causing "extremely dangerous" flooding on a Puerto Rico river in the wake of Hurricane Maria, authorities say.

At least 13 people have died since Maria ripped through Puerto Rico, knocking out power to the whole island.

US President Donald Trump has pledged to visit Puerto Rico, saying it was "totally obliterated" by the storm. »

N.S. government to make abortion pill available for free at pharmacies

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HALIFAX -- Nova Scotia is overhauling its abortion policies, making the abortion pill available at no cost and removing the requirement for a physician's referral to obtain a surgical abortion.

MacKenzie said it was hard becoming the "poster child" for abortion issues in Nova Scotia, and that she's faced some "negative repercussions.".

The Nova Scotia Health Authority is also setting up a phone line for women to make appointments and seek advice. »