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Thursday May 23rd, 2024 evening edition

image for Helldivers 2 studio wants to slow down the pace of updates: 'We feel a slightly lower cadence overall will benefit both us, you, and the game'

Apparently Arrowhead agrees: In response to an inquiry about the release of the next patch, community manager Twinbeard said it'll be out "when it's done.".

It's been genuinely remarkable to watch Arrowhead build Helldivers 2 into a game experience that feels genuinely alive.

Eschewing a regular schedule of updates, Helldivers 2 developers appear to just do things, an embrace of chaos that keeps everyone on their toes.

In a separate message on Discord, Twinbeard said the specifics of a new, slower update schedule haven't yet been decided.

"I'd say it's something we have to try out and get a feel for," he wrote.

"[at the moment] we feel a slightly lower cadence overall will benefit both us, you, and the game.". »

Hulu’s ‘Virgin Island,’ a Dating Show for Celibates, Opens Applications

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Hulu is launching a new dating series titled “Virgin Island,” where “stunningly attractive and confident singles” who claim to have never had sex seek to change that.

The show hails from ITV America, the producers behind “Love Island USA” and “Queer Eye,” and Plimsoll Productions (“Shark!

According to Hulu, “Virgin Island” will host a bunch of hot virgins at an island resort, where they will look for “the one.” »

Illinois Senate passes artificial intelligence protections for artists

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The Illinois Senate approved a bill Friday that would allow artists to sue entities that replicate their work through artificial intelligence without their consent.

“HB4875 gives artists a path to restitution when their likeness is used to generate profit without their authorization.”.

Earlier in the week, the Senate also passed the Digital Voice and Likeness Protection Act, which requires artists to have representation during negotiations and prevents contractors from replacing artists with AI-generated content. »

Leading Democrats demand Alito face investigation after second report of far right-linked flag

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And the chief justice must see how this is damaging the court and immediately enact an enforceable code of conduct.”.

Ocasio-Cortez also weighed in during an interview with the MSNBC host Chris Hayes late on Wednesday, calling on Senate Democrats to launch “active investigations”.

The Senate judiciary committee has been investigating the ethical crisis at the court for more than a year, and that investigation continues. »