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Thursday June 20th, 2024 evening edition

image for My son's video game habit worried me but it fueled his interest in coding, robots, and AI. At age 16, he won $55,000 at a science fair.

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We tried to emphasize to them that academics are important, but you need to also be a well-rounded person.

I did try to control my son's video game use a bit to make sure he would not be addicted to it.

John and Pauline did their next science fair project together, expanding on the concept with tomato plants and a rover.

John Benedict Estrada and Pauline Estrada stand in front of their science fair project at Regeneron ISEF.

Their project went to ISEF in 2022 and won first place in the plant sciences category. »

Macron, French Jews call for action after antisemitic rape of 12-year-old girl

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French Jewish groups expressed outrage on Tuesday following reports that a 12-year-old girl was raped because she was Jewish.

“This shocking case joins a long line of violent cases experienced by French Jews in recent months.

Fondation des Femmes said on social media on Wednesday that the sexist and antisemitic crime shook the women’s rights organization. »

UP Man's Genitals Removed, Sex-Change Surgery Done While He Was Sleeping

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For 20-year-old Mujahid, life took a drastic turn when he was deceived into undergoing gender reassignment surgery.

Mujahid, 20 and resident of Sanjak village, alleged that he was deceived by Omprakash on June 3.

Omprakash allegedly convinced the doctors at the medical college to perform surgery on Mujahid, which involved the removal of his genitals and a forced gender change. »

As Bloodborne PC port demands intensify once again, its free unofficial Mario Kart spin-off becomes one of the highest-rated Steam games of the month

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Thankfully though, Bloodborne fans still have something to keep them occupied on PC, thanks to the free, unofficial racing spin-off, Nightmare Kart.

You might remember it by a different name, but alas, it was changed to become "legally distinct."

Be sure to check out our roundup of 10 games like Dark Souls that will test your survivability . »

Donald Trump's Chances of Winning Election Suddenly Slide

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Former President Donald Trump's chances of winning the 2024 election have suddenly decreased, one polling model shows.

The Economist's model now says the former president, with 300 Electoral College votes, has a two in three chance of winning the election.

The odds of the former president winning the presidential election have declined, according to one tracker. »