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Friday March 19th, 2021 morning edition

image for Biden says goal of 100m shots in 100 days will be met on Friday, 42 days early

President Joe Biden has announced that his administration will reach his pledge of 100 million vaccine doses within his first 100 days of office on Friday – 42 days ahead of schedule.

As of Wednesday, the United States had administered more than 96 million vaccine doses under Mr Biden, and the country was averaging about 2 to 2.5 million doses per day.

At the start of his presidency, Mr Biden announced the goal of administering 100 million vaccine doses within 100 days in an effort to get Americans vaccinated as Covid-19 continued to circulate.

But some health experts criticised the goal as "too low" given that the country was administering almost one million vaccine doses per day under former President Donald Trump.

Now the Biden administration looks to have far exceeded its goal.

“I’m proud to announce that tomorrow, 58 days into our administration, we will have met my goal of administering 100 million shots to our fellow Americans,” Mr Biden said on Thursday afternoon.

He announced that his administration would unveil a new vaccination goal next week after surpassing 100 million vaccines administered. »

Customer orders a dozen masks, demands refund when business owner sends ‘only 12’

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And one such experience with a disgruntled customer has left a small business owner in splits, after the client got their basic maths wrong.

So, was owner of Zada’s Vault, who saw an email from an angry client demanding refund for not receiving correct number of items.

And as a token of appreciation, the business owner added that for all orders placed last week will include: “a free Dubzen mask. »

Biden orders US flags flown at half-staff after Atlanta shootings

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President Joe Biden on Thursday ordered US flags be flown at half-staff in honour of eight people killed in a series of shootings at massage spas in Atlanta, Georgia, as outrage grew over rising attacks on Asian Americans in the United States.

Flags at federal buildings, military bases, US embassies and consulates worldwide will be flown at half-staff until March 22, according to Biden’s order.

Hampton, Atlanta’s deputy police chief, said on Thursday that Long had frequented the businesses where the shootings took place. »

Facebook promised to ban anti-vaxxers. But pages are still up and they've been selling t-shirts

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Key points: Anti-vaccine claims continue to circulate on Facebook more than one month after the ban.

Despite Facebook promising to delete pages and groups that repeatedly posted anti-vaccine claims, it appeared to only act after being contacted by the ABC.

More than one month later, Facebook pages and groups targeting Australians continue to post claims that appear to breach the ban. »

72 Democrats sign motion to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress

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House Democrats are planning a vote on expelling Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress as early as this week, but the move is unlikely to succeed despite 72 lawmakers already signing on.

"Democrats are trying overturn the will of the People who voted for both myself and @millermeeks.

Eleven Republican House members previously joined Democrats in voting to remove Ms Greene from her committee assignments over past comments supporting Qanon. »