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Friday February 12nd, 2021 night edition

image for Five people associated with Proud Boys arrested for Capitol riot on conspiracy charges

(CNN) The Justice Department unsealed conspiracy charges against five people associated with the Proud Boys on Thursday in the latest and largest move against the far-right group's coordinated role in the insurrection last month.

In a criminal complaint, an FBI agent described how the group "moved closely to each other" inside the Capitol on January 6 and wore pieces of fluorescent orange tape affixed to their clothing or gear.

Some are accused of leading crowds of rioters as they pushed through multiple police lines and made their way through the Capitol grounds.

They all wore tactical-style gear, including helmets and gloves.

One had a wooden club or ax handle that was initially disguised as a flag.

Authorities arrested the men and women in an early morning sweep Thursday.

Chrestman is charged separately with conspiracy but grouped together with the others by an FBI agent in an affidavit. »

Videos of Trump encouraging violence over the years played at impeachment trial

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Mr Raskin also showed senators footage of Republican Gregory Gianforte assaulting a reporter, and Mr Trump's apparent support: "Any guy that can do a body slam is my guy.".

The former president was routinely criticised and condemned for his history of encouraging violence at his rallies and his apparent lack of remorse for the consequences.

Following the insurrection, on 12 January, Mr Trump said: "If you read my speech … people thought what I said was totally appropriate. »

Biden formally terminates national emergency declaration on the US-Mexico border

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President Joe Biden issued a proclamation on Thursday to terminate the national emergency declaration the former administration issued for the US-Mexico border as part of its effort to fund border-wall construction.

Former President Donald Trump declared a national emergency along the southern border in 2019, invoking emergency powers that allowed him to use more money on his long-promised border wall than Congress had approved in its spending deal.

The White House formally notified Congress of the proclamation this week, noting the president issued the directive in January upon taking office. »

House Democrats Are Showing That Trump Is More Guilty Than You Thought

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Castro played video showing a Trump rioter using a bullhorn to read Trump’s tweet condemning Pence to the crowd on Capitol Hill.

Trump’s unimpressive attorneys are expected to argue that he had no direct role in driving his supporters to attack the Capitol.

Of course, there is a load of evidence showing that Trump’s brownshirts believed they were there on Trump’s behalf and at his urging. »