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Friday August 21st, 2020 evening edition

image for Susan Collins helped cripple the USPS: Now Maine farmers are getting dead baby chicks in the mail

Postal Service after receiving thousands of dead baby chicks due to shipping delays.

The state's postal workers blamed the slowdown on a bill championed by Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, that "weakened the Postal Service" — and faces a tough re-election battle this fall.

At least 4,800 chicks shipped to Maine farmers through the USPS have arrived dead in recent weeks, the Portland Press Herald reported.

"This is a system that's always worked before and it's worked very well until these changes started being made.".

"But the reality is that it impacts service standards and, whether intentionally or not, this changes the time frames that our customers receive the mail.".

Collins said on the Senate floor in 2006 that it was "not a perfect bill" but "I am convinced it will put the U.S.

Collins, he continued, "helped set the stage for the current attacks on the postal service. »

TIL poison dart frogs are actually harmless when kept in captivity. In the wild, they only develop poison because they eat mostly ants, and the ants themselves ingest different varieties of poisonous plants.

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Poison dart frogs, members of the Dendrobatidae family, wear some of the most brilliant and beautiful colors on Earth.

Poison dart frogs raised in captivity and isolated from insects in their native habitat never develop poison.

The medical research community has been exploring possible medicinal uses for some poison dart frog poison. »

Google Has a Plan to Disrupt the College Degree

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These courses, which the company is calling Google Career Certificates, teach foundational skills that can help job-seekers immediately find employment.

However, instead of taking years to finish like a traditional university degree, these courses are designed to be completed in about six months.

"In our own hiring, we will now treat these new career certificates as the equivalent of a four-year degree for related roles.". »

Williams Racing is acquired by Dorilton Capital

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Williams Racing is acquired by Dorilton Capital.

Williams Racing has been acquired by Dorilton Capital, bringing a successful conclusion to the Strategic Review which was launched in late May.

This strategic review has now successfully concluded and the Company is pleased to announce the sale of Williams Racing to Dorilton Capital. »

Reddit reports 18 percent reduction in hateful content after banning nearly 7,000 subreddits

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In June this year, Reddit began a huge campaign to remove hateful content from its site, blocking communities that engaged in hate speech and harassment.

In an update on its progress today, the company says it’s banned nearly 7,000 subreddits (including repeat offenders) resulting in an 18 percent drop in users posting hateful content.

Reddit has long been criticized for tolerating racist and misogynistic content, with the site’s executives defending its position as upholding free speech. »