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Friday August 21st, 2020 day edition

image for Joe Biden's speech even wowed his critics: 'Biden crushed expectations'

"Yep, Steve Bannon was arrested and placed in the 'Trump's well-wishes' section of the prison.

... At this point, the White House softball team and the prison softball team have the exact same lineup.".

"After the Aryan Brotherhood and Latin Kings, the largest prison gang in America might be the former Trump campaign officials," Trevor Noah joked at The Daily Show.

"Everything about this story's insane," starting with Bannon being "arrested on a 150-foot yacht," by "investigators from the post office.".

"But the best part of the story is why Bannon was arrested," Noah said.

"He's accused of stealing money from people who thought they were donating to build Donald Trump's wall — because, you know, you wouldn't want any criminals sneaking into the country.

Trump scammed his supporters by telling them Mexico would pay for it, then we ended up paying for it," and now this. »

Syria Says Donald Trump 'Stealing' Its Oil, After U.S. Company Makes Deal to Drill

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Syria has accused President Donald Trump of stealing the country's oil, after U.S. officials confirmed that a U.S. company has been allowed to operate there in fields under the control of a Pentagon-backed militia.

But that same day, Trump again voiced his view on the Syria mission: "As you know, in Syria we're down to almost nothing, except we kept the oil.

Assad and his foreign patrons know the clock is ticking for action," the State Department said in a press release Thursday. »

Kanye West Gets Thrown Off the Ballot in Wisconsin

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The decision comes after Republicans made a quiet last-minute push to qualify West for the ballot.

Signature-gatherers spent the last two days before the state filing deadline trying to qualify the rapper for the ballot.

asked Bob Spindell, the lone commissioner to vote to allow West on the ballot. »

Ben Affleck Will Return as Batman in The Flash

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The Argo director’s brooding Dark Knight is coming back for one more movie, with Affleck agreeing to return as Bruce Wayne in the upcoming big-screen version of The Flash, Vanity Fair has learned.

Affleck won’t be the only Batman making a comeback; a few more of the alternate-dimension heroes who turn up in the Flash movie will be figures we’ve seen before.

Michael Keaton’s Batman from the 1989 Tim Burton film is also set to appear in what Muschietti said was a “substantial” part. »

Trump Cabinet officials voted in 2018 White House meeting to separate migrant children, say officials

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At the meeting, Miller accused anyone opposing zero tolerance of being a lawbreaker and un-American, according to the two officials present.

No one in the meeting made the case that separating families would be inhumane or immoral, the officials said.

Before Trump ended zero tolerance by executive order on June 20, 2018, over 2,800 children had been separated from their parents. »