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Friday July 5th, 2019 morning edition

image for Pioneering surgery brings movement back to paralysed hands

Thirteen young adults who were paralysed in sporting or traffic accidents have had movement in their hands restored through pioneering nerve transfer surgery, enabling them to feed themselves, hold a drink, write and in some cases return to work.

Their findings from their work on 13 patients are reported reported in the Lancet medical journal.

Nerve transfers are not new, she says, but had not been successful in spinal cord injuries.

They recruited 16 young adult patients who had become tetraplegic after motor accidents, falls, sports or diving.

Four nerve transplants in three patients failed, but the team say tendon transplant is then available as a backup.

For now, nerve transfers are a cost-effective way to harness the body’s innate capability to restore movement in a paralysed limb.”.

In December 2015, he received a nerve and tendon transfer on his right side and nerve transfer on his left side. »

How the Million Dollar Homepage kid became the $250m app man

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At age 8, he was slinging hand-drawn comics in the schoolyard for $5 a pop, complete with with a chocolate bar “freemium.”.

When he finished high school in 2002, he forewent college and decided to pursue an unusual passion: beatboxing.

Then came the once-in-a-lifetime idea: he’d start a webpage with a million pixels that could be purchased for $1 apiece. »

6.4 magnitude earthquake near Ridgecrest rattles Southern California

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Thursday’s quake was reported at 10:33 a.m. centered southwest of Searles Valley in San Bernardino County at a depth of 6.6 miles.

Searles Valley is a remote desert area north of Barstow and about 25 miles northeast of Ridgecrest in Kern County, where the quake was strongly felt.

Zomo Abdullatif cleans up damager to stock at Eastridge Market Liquor after the 6.4 earthquake in Ridgecrest on Thursday, July 4, 2019. »

Man's refusal to wear condom after agreeing to cancels out consent: judge

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An Ontario court has ruled that a man who had unprotected sex after agreeing to wear a condom committed sexual assault because his behaviour invalidated his sexual partner's consent.

In a recent ruling, a judge found Anibal Rivera's actions amounted to fraud and caused a significant risk of serious bodily harm.

"It is improbable that she would have risked pregnancy by agreeing to sex without a condom, particularly with a stranger," the judge found. »

How California made a 'dramatic' impact on kindergartners getting vaccinated

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Yet does such strict legislation really lead to more children being up-to-date on their vaccine requirements?

The new study involved analyzing annual data about kindergartners and their vaccination status at the start of school between 2000 and 2017.

They looked at the data before and after three specific interventions took place: two vaccine-related policies and one education campaign. »