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Friday July 5th, 2019 night edition

image for A firm donated $750,000 of fireworks to Trump's Fourth of July show — and Trump scrapped fireworks tariffs the same day

Phantom CEO Bruce Zoldan made his case directly to Trump during an Oval Office meeting with business executives in May, but the group didn't discuss fireworks, he told ABC News.

Phantom executives told ABC News the gift wasn't politically motivated and had been planned months before.

On the same day Phantom Fireworks donated $750,000 worth of sparklers and bottle rockets to the US government, President Trump scrapped plans to impose tariffs of 25% on virtually all Chinese goods including fireworks, according to ABC News.

Phil Grucci, CEO of Fireworks by Grucci — the pyrotechnics producer deploying Phantom's fireworks during this year's show — serves as the advocacy group's treasurer.

Trump struck a truce with Chinese President Xi Jinping last Saturday to resume trade talks and hold off on across-the-board tariffs.

"Thanks to 'Phantom Fireworks' and 'Fireworks by Grucci' for their generosity in donating the biggest fireworks show Washington D.C. has ever seen," Trump tweeted.

At least 10 fireworks companies signed the open letter opposing tariffs, highlighting the industry's large stake in the US-China trade war. »

Riding In Cars With Beers

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Mississippi is the only state that doesn’t have an open-container law that prohibits drivers or passengers from drinking inside a motor vehicle.

In Desoto County, a beer-and-half drive from Memphis, drivers are free to keep a cold one in the cup holder.

Drivers who partake must maintain a blood alcohol content (BAC) below the .08 legal limit. »

Man's refusal to wear condom after agreeing to cancels out consent: judge

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An Ontario court has ruled that a man who had unprotected sex after agreeing to wear a condom committed sexual assault because his behaviour invalidated his sexual partner's consent.

In a recent ruling, a judge found Anibal Rivera's actions amounted to fraud and caused a significant risk of serious bodily harm.

"It is improbable that she would have risked pregnancy by agreeing to sex without a condom, particularly with a stranger," the judge found. »