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Thursday July 12nd, 2018 evening edition

image for FCC Retracts a Plan to Discourage Consumer Complaints

The FCC offers two ways for people to complain about billing problems, privacy concerns, and other issues with telecom carriers.

Formal complaints cost $225 to file and work a bit like court proceedings.

The FCC highlighted the lack of formal complaints about net neutrality in support of its decision to roll back the rules, but did not address the informal complaints.

In a statement, commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, the FCC's only Democratic commissioner, called the proposed change to the informal complaint process "bonkers.".

An FCC spokesperson told WIRED that the changes were only meant to clarify existing policy.

But critics argue that the changes could have discouraged FCC staff from doing even that.

Critics of the change worried that unless the agency’s rules explicitly allow for review and action on complaints, the FCC wouldn't have the authority or obligation to do so. »

Mexico's president-elect will cancel planned U.S. helicopter order

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MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico’s president-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said he would cancel the planned purchase of eight military helicopters from the United States as part of cost-cutting measures.

Lopez Obrador, who handily won this month’s presidential election on pledges to fight corruption and cut government waste, said there had been plans to pay 26 billion pesos ($1.36 billion) for the helicopters to be used by Mexico’s navy.

His pick for the interior ministry, Olga Sanchez, has said the new government will look into decriminalizing marijuana and regulating opium for pharmaceutical use. »

Papa John's founder John Schnatter resigns as chairman of board after using racial slur

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Papa John's Pizza's founder John Schnatter may have resigned as chairman of the restaurant chain's board of directors following news that he used a racial slur in a conference call, but he still owns a substantial stake in the company.

Schnatter resigned as chairman on Wednesday amid a growing uproar about his comments.

Schnatter acknowledged using a racial slur during a May conference call and apologized following a media report that also said the pizza chain founder had graphically described violence against minorities. »

No Counterfeits: The History of the Secret Service

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And though presidential security tightened after Lincoln’s death, the Secret Service he authorized wasn’t originally intended to guard the president at all.

And John F. Kennedy, whom the Secret Service called “Lancer,” was impatient with the Secret Service, preferring motorcades and intimate crowd interaction to carefully monitored public appearances.

And lest you think that Secret Service agents are just burly guys in suits—they still chase down counterfeiters. »