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Thursday March 24th, 2022 evening edition

image for Ted Cruz photographed checking his Twitter mentions after Supreme Court hearing tirade

Senator Ted Cruz was caught checking his phone for Twitter mentions by a photo journalist after a confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson on Wednesday.

Mr Cruz had quizzed the federal judge about her views on issues of race and crime and why she handed down lighter sentences in cases he displayed on a chart.

He was in the middle of asking more questions when Mr Durbin interjected, saying the senator’s 20-minute time had expired.

“You can bang it as long as you want,” Mr Cruz shot back at the chairman.

“I just want you to play by the rules,” Mr Durbin told the Republican senator as the heated tirade continued.

Ted Cruz is seen checking his phone during Wednesday’s Supreme Court hearing (AFP via Getty Images).

Several commentators attacked Mr Cruz on social media after the hearing. »

Chinese man bitten by venomous snake he thought was dead inside a wine bottle he bought for his son

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A Chinese father had the shock of his life when a supposedly dead snake inside a jar of snake wine he bought a year ago suddenly bit him.

The man from Heilongjiang Province, China, reportedly bought three jars of snake wine, believing that the drink could help cure his son, who has been suffering from a chronic illness.

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe that snake wine contains several health benefits and can even be a cure for rheumatism, arthritis and the flu. »

EXCLUSIVE: Battlefield series begins up-hill battle, feature reversions coming to next title as "valuable lessons" learned from Battlefield 2042

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Despite the poor numbers that Battlefield 2042 has generated, there is a new Battlefield title in active development, and EA is providing the resources needed to bring back the franchise.

Although the next Battlefield game is in its pre-production stage, one inside source has said that "valuable lessons" have been learned following the release of Battlefield 2042.

"I think we'll be reverting a lot of the changes we made in Battlefield 2042", it was said. »

The Coming Democratic Revival

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Measurements of democracy’s slump typically start with the period following the breakup of the Soviet Union, when newly free democratic governments emerged in almost every region.

Despite their current distress, the forces of freedom have an enlarged platform from which to mount a revival.

Progress in the democratic resurgence is less likely to be sudden than gradual and more likely to be spotty than universal. »