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Tuesday June 22nd, 2021 night edition

image for Imran blames women's clothes for rising rapes in Pakistan

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan continues to blame women and what they wear for the rising incidents of rape in his country.

"Disappointing and frankly sickening to see PM Imran Khan repeat his victim-blaming regarding reasons for sexual violence in Pakistan," tweeted Reema Omer, Legal Advisor, South Asia, International Commission of Jurists, reported India Today.

A few months ago, the cricketer-turned-politician had said that vulgarity was to blame for the rise in cases of sexual violence in Pakistan.

In an interview on live television, PM Imran Khan said, "This entire concept of purdah is to avoid temptation.

Meanwhile, human rights groups in Pakistan have accused Imran Khan of being a ‘rape apologist’ after he blamed a rise in sexual assault cases on how women dress.

Journalists, especially women scribes, across Pakistan have slammed Khan for his remarks that women's dress code is the real reason or motive for rape.

Earlier, too, Imran had blamed ‘fahashi’ (vulgarity) for rise in rape and sexual violence instead of the deteriorating law and order situation in the country. »

Waitress abducted and assaulted after chasing 5 people who ran out on $70 bill: Police

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A waitress was allegedly abducted and assaulted by a group of five people after chasing them down when they walked out on their $70 bill.

"They pulled her into the vehicle and assaulted her inside the vehicle," Washington Township Police Chief Patrick Gurcsik told WPVI in an interview following the incident.

It was then that authorities say the woman was able to run back to Nifty Fifty’s and immediately call the police. »

The Paul Walker-Driven 'Fast & Furious' Toyota Supra Sells for Record-Breaking $550,000 USD

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The hammer has just dropped on the auction for the iconic Toyota Supra film car from Fast & Furious — and with the sale, a new record was made.

The car was introduced in the film after Paul Walker‘s character Brian O’Conner gets his Mitsubishi Eclipse blown up by Johnny and Lance.

Owing Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) a ten-second card, O’Conner finds a completely written off Toyota Supra Mark IV, but with the 2JZ still intact. »

Canada lifting restrictions for fully vaccinated travellers in early July

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OTTAWA -- Canada will be lifting most international travel restrictions for Canadians, permanent residents, and certain foreign nationals who are fully vaccinated, allowing those eligible to travel to do so with more ease, starting in early July.

The requirement to be asymptomatic remains, as do the mandatory pre-departure and on-arrival molecular testing requirements for fully vaccinated travellers.

“A transparent plan with clear benchmarks to reopen travel would be a powerful tool for encouraging Canadians to get fully vaccinated. »

Threat of more blackouts may erode reliability claims for fossil energy

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Collectively, the shutdowns amounted to a loss of about 15% of grid’s total capacity and more than triple the outages that the agency had forecast.

Nearly 80% of the offline plants produce electricity from “thermal sources” the agency said, calling on Texans to conserve electricity.

Thermal generation in Texas means natural gas (45% of the ERCOT grid’s electricity in 2020), coal (18%) and nuclear (11%). »