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Monday June 21st, 2021 evening edition

image for The Paul Walker-Driven 'Fast & Furious' Toyota Supra Sells for Record-Breaking $550,000 USD

The hammer has just dropped on the auction for the iconic Toyota Supra film car from Fast & Furious — and with the sale, a new record was made.

The car was introduced in the film after Paul Walker‘s character Brian O’Conner gets his Mitsubishi Eclipse blown up by Johnny and Lance.

Owing Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) a ten-second card, O’Conner finds a completely written off Toyota Supra Mark IV, but with the 2JZ still intact.

After the Mad Scientist put in his wrench time in the junkyard find along with “$15,000 or more” and “overnight parts from Japan,” the end result in the film was this Candy Orange Supra.

While that was all fiction from the movie, the real details of the car are equally impressive.

The one downside is that the sports car is actually a 4-speed automatic where the shifter knob was added into the interior for the sake of the movie.

In other automotive news, Tesla Model S Plaid sets 1/4 mile world record for production cars. »

Schumer backing plan to add dental, vision and hearing coverage to Medicare

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“There is a gaping hole in Medicare that leaves out dental, vision, and hearing coverage.

“I’m working with @SenSanders to push to include dental, vision, and hearing Medicare coverage in the American Jobs and Families Plans,” he added.

Schumer, during a news conference on Sunday, made the case for expanding Medicare coverage to include dental, vision and hearing, noting the "more serious medical problems" a lack of coverage causes. »

The Incredible Way Michael Jackson Wrote Music

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He didn’t have any formal composition training, though one could say he was trained harder than any other performer by his father.

But just as Mozart could hear whole symphonies in his head, Jackson fully realised his songs before they were put down on paper.

That he managed so amazingly without only adds to the sense that what MJ had was a special, special gift. »

Waitress abducted and assaulted after chasing 5 people who ran out on $70 bill: Police

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A waitress was allegedly abducted and assaulted by a group of five people after chasing them down when they walked out on their $70 bill.

"They pulled her into the vehicle and assaulted her inside the vehicle," Washington Township Police Chief Patrick Gurcsik told WPVI in an interview following the incident.

It was then that authorities say the woman was able to run back to Nifty Fifty’s and immediately call the police. »

10-year-old boy dies in South Dakota river after saving his younger sister

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The body of Ricky Lee Sneve was recovered Saturday night, Lincoln County sheriff's officials said.

Eufers said Ricky jumped in to save his sister Chevelle and got her to shore, but when his father and siblings turned around, Ricky was missing.

"Ricky gave his life trying to do what he knew was best," his uncle wrote in a post on GoFundMe. »