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Friday May 7th, 2021 evening edition

image for Did DeSantis violate First Amendment with Fox News-only bill signing?

That’s the opinion of First Amendment experts who told the Tampa Bay Times it is illegal for DeSantis to hand-pick which media can cover a public proceeding.

DeSantis visited West Palm Beach on Thursday to sign a controversial bill that made it more difficult to vote by mail in Florida.

DeSantis defended only letting Fox & Friends in the room because it was aired on national television.

“We did a wonderful bill signing for this great elections bill,” DeSantis said.

Later, the network clarified that its producers weren’t aware that DeSantis was going to sign the bill on camera.

Thursday’s news conference also highlights how much DeSantis has relied on Fox News to amplify his message and grow his national brand.

Hours after a national firestorm over DeSantis’ appearance on Fox & Friends, he sat down for another interview on the network, this time with Sean Hannity. »

2,000-year-old marble head of Rome's first emperor discovered

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A 2,000-year-old marble head of Augustus, Rome's first emperor , has been discovered in Isernia, an Italian town in the south central region of Molise.

"So we continued digging with precision trowels and a block of marble has come out.

It is made from the same Lunigiana marble used by the Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo , and it depicts a young Augustus Octavian, who became Rome's first emperor in 27 BC. »

Minuscule drums push the limits of quantum weirdness

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By playing two tiny drums, physicists have provided the most direct demonstration yet that quantum entanglement — a bizarre effect normally associated with subatomic particles — works for larger objects.

Two other laboratories had done similar measurements on macroscopic vibrating objects in the past, showing indirect evidence of entangled states3,4.

The quantum-drum techniques could lead to the development of instrumentation that beats the limitations that quantum mechanics imposes on measurement. »

Facebook threatens to make iOS users pay. Please do it, Mr. Zuckerberg

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Facebook is unhappy about this because it makes money by tracking you all over the web until the end of time.

So, as noticed by former Obama White House senior adviser Ashkan Soltani, Facebook is attempting to frighten its users -- both on the iOS Facebook app and the iOS Instagram app.

Facebook appears willing to try any ruse it can to get more iOS users to let tracking continue. »

Agency working with US military wants Jews to apologize for killing Jesus

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The foundation, which also wants repercussions against Rivera, said the sermon contradicted rules against proselytizing and peddling bigotry.

It wasn’t clear why an administrative services agency would post a sermon of any kind.

WASHINGTON — An agency that provides administrative services to the US military posted an Easter sermon on its website that described a New Testament passage preaching to Jews as a demand to “say sorry” for killing Jesus. »