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Thursday March 11st, 2021 evening edition

image for CBD reduces plaque, improves cognition in model of familial Alzheimer’s

A two-week course of high doses of CBD helps restore the function of two proteins key to reducing the accumulation of beta-amyloid plaque, a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease, and improves cognition in an experimental model of early onset familial Alzheimer’s, investigators report.

“But we have nothing that gets to the pathophysiology of the disease,” says Morgan, a study coauthor.

The DCG and MCG investigators decided to look at CBD’s ability to address some of the key brain systems that go awry in Alzheimer’s.

In Alzheimer’s, that includes turning down inflammation and trying to restore balance to the immune system, he says.

That up and down expression in health and disease could make IL-33 both a good biomarker and treatment target for disease, the investigators say.

Low levels of TREM2 and rare variations in TREM2 are associated with Alzheimer’s, and in their mouse model TREM2 and IL-33 were both low.

For the published studies, CBD was put into the belly of the mice every other day for two weeks. »

Conspiracy Theorist Who Stormed Trudeau’s Property Sentenced to Six Years

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Corey Hurren, a 46-year-old Canadian Armed Forces reservist, posted conspiracy content on social media shortly before ramming the gates.

Hurren said he was hoping to “speak” to Trudeau when he stormed the property.

It provides psychological comfort to think that there's this cabal of bad people out there who are responsible for this.”. »

Judge reinstates third-degree murder charge against ex-cop Derek Chauvin in George Floyd's death

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Hennepin County District Judge Peter Cahill has reinstated a third-degree murder charge against the former Minneapolis police officer accused of killing George Floyd.

Cahill ruled at the time that a third-degree murder charge under Minnesota law requires proof that someone's conduct was "eminently dangerous to others," not just to Floyd.

Frase said that although he believes prosecutors "have at least as good a case on the second-degree murder charge," the middle charge of third-degree murder allows a compromise verdict if any jurors resist convicting for a charge as high as second-degree murder. »

India now as autocratic as Pakistan, worse than Bangladesh: Sweden institute’s Democracy Report

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This report comes within a week of US watchdog Freedom House downgrading India’s status to “partly free” in its ‘Freedom in the World’ report.

“Most of the decline occurred following BJP’s victory in 2014 and their Hindu nationalist agenda,” says the report.

“India is, in this aspect (censorship) now as autocratic as is Pakistan, and worse than both its neighbors Bangladesh and Nepal. »