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Thursday March 11st, 2021 day edition

image for Dozens of Capitol rioters were turned in by childhood friends, family members, colleagues and ex-lovers who watched them storm the building

The friend continued to message Ortiz, 27, telling him the Capitol rioters were domestic terrorists and questioning his political beliefs.

Christopher Ortiz messaged with a high school friend after the friend saw him post videos from the Capitol riot.

Ortiz is one of dozens of Capitol riot suspects who were reported to authorities by their own close personal contacts.

Richard Michetti messaged with his ex-girlfriend throughout the siege, texting her when he arrived in D.C. and sending videos of rioters yelling inside the building.

Prosecutors say this photo, submitted to the FBI through their tip line, shows Richard Michetti standing on the U.S. Capitol steps January 6.

Another tipster said that someone had sent them a video of Strong in the U.S. Capitol with the message, "Kevin's on TV!".

Prosecutors say two former colleagues turned her in after employees circulated a CNN clip which appeared to show her inside the Capitol. »

Facebook and Twitter algorithms incentivize 'people to get enraged': Walter Isaacson

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"Places like Facebook and Twitter — and other places that have ... algorithms that tend to incent people to get enraged and pass along misinformation," he says.

Facebook indefinitely suspended Trump's accounts on Facebook and Instagram on Jan. 7, the day after the attack.

Some advertisers also boycotted Facebook over its refusal to stop hate speech, prompting Facebook to add labels to some posts. »

Texas Florist Who Admitted to Being in Pelosi’s Office Wants Case Moved from D.C. Because of ‘Cancel Culture’

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“There is no evidence of communications or a plan between the two to enter the Capitol.

The invaders postponed but did not prevent Congress for counting electoral college votes weighing in favor of the real winner, President Joe Biden.

The defense also wants a change of venue, asserting Cudd could not get a fair trial in Washington, D.C. because of “cancel culture.” »

As Cases Spread Across U.S. Last Year, Pattern Emerged Suggesting Link Between Governors' Party Affiliation and COVID-19 Case and Death Numbers

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As Cases Spread Across U.S. Last Year, Pattern Emerged Suggesting Link Between Governors' Party Affiliation and COVID-19 Case and Death Numbers.

Starting in early summer last year, analysis finds that states with Republican governors had higher case and death rates.

For their study, the researchers analyzed data on SARS-CoV-2-positive nasal swab tests, COVID-19 diagnoses, and COVID-19 fatalities, for the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. »

GameStop – The Second Surge: Anatomy Of A “Gamma Swarm”

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It is the type-specimen of a new kind of market maneuver, which will establish this event as more than an anomaly.

The entire public float (that is, the shares freely trading in the market, excluding shares held by insiders) comprises 45 million shares.

As described in the previous column, however, successful short squeezes are historically very hard to engineer, and therefore very rare. »