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Friday February 28th, 2020 evening edition

image for Alabama blocked a man from voting because he owed $4

Alabama is one of 30 states that requires people with felony convictions to pay back the financial obligations associated with their sentence before they can vote again.

He lives less than a hundred miles north-west of Selma, the birthplace of the voting rights movement in America.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest A letter hangs on Alfonzo Tucker’s refrigerator stating that his right to vote has been revoked.

Faced with the staggering amount, Tucker contacted Blair Bowie, an attorney at Campaign Legal Center, a Washington DC voting rights group.

Under Alabama law, people with felonies only have to pay off the money originally assessed as part of their criminal conviction to regain their voting rights.

And the $5,535.47 debt was from a misdemeanor offense, Bowie saw, which does not cause someone to lose their voting rights in Alabama.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Alfonzo Tucker holds his receipt for payment showing he paid the amount owed to restore his voting rights. »

Whistleblower Accuses Trump of 'Corrupt' Effort to 'Cover Up' Possible Exposure of Federal Workers to Coronavirus

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"The utter ineptitude of this administration is infuriating," wrote Parker Molloy, editor-at-large with Media Matters for America.

HHS then sent federal workers to interact with the infected population without adequate training or protection.".

According to the Times, Trump told people around him that he selected Pence to coordinate the coronavirus effort because the vice president didn't "have anything else to do. »

Man dies live on air while complaining about Iraq’s health service

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“We have made offers to the Islamic Republic of Iran to help,” Pompeo said in a hearing at House Foreign Affairs Committee.

The new coronavirus which emerged in Wuhan, China, in December has infected tens of thousands of people.

The Islamic Republic is the only country in the Gulf region that has reported deaths from the coronavirus, which has spread from China. »