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Friday February 28th, 2020 morning edition

image for Hey, Trump supporters: He'd rather endanger your health than lose an election

As many a liberal who has confronted Trump supporters over the relentless lying has found, a lot of his voters simply don't care if he lies.

The only person Donald Trump cares about is Donald Trump.

(In fact, most of these media figureheads Trump hates so much stand to lose lots of money if the stock market tanks.

Laura Ingraham has advanced a nutbar conspiracy theory that China is somehow lying about the virus to hurt Trump.

Most Americans, who don't support Trump, know perfectly well that he's a liar and don't believe a word he says.

The people who are being told to take risks with their health and ignore advice from Messonnier and other public health officials are Trump voters themselves.

Trump simply don't care if his fans get sick or die, as long as he feels his own interests are being protected. »

About 40% of US adults are obese, government survey finds

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About 40% of US adults are obese, government survey finds.

NEW YORK (AP) — About 4 in 10 American adults are obese, and nearly 1 in 10 is severely so, government researchers said Thursday.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention findings come from a 2017-18 health survey that measures height and weight. »

Dow falls 1,191 points -- the most in history

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The S&P 500 posted its worst day since August 18, 2011, and the three main indexes fell into correction territory.

Thedropped 1,191 points, or 4.4% in its worst one-day point drop in history.

The index has fallen more than 10% below its most-recent peak, putting it in correction. »

YouTube Isn't A Public Forum: PragerU Loses Conservative Censorship Case

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"Using private property as a forum for public discourse is nothing new," writes Circuit Judge M. Margaret McKeown.

While those methods seem "quaint" compared to the 400 hours of video uploaded to YouTube each day, the underlying issues don't change.

"YouTube does not perform a public function by inviting public discourse on its property," McKeown added. »

Broadcast news networks paid more attention to climate change in 2019

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But even though broadcast TV networks spent more time talking about climate change, they didn’t interview very many scientists, women, or people of color.

Nightly and Sunday morning news shows spent 238 minutes reporting on climate change in 2019, compared to 142 minutes in 2018.

CBS News was the only corporate broadcast television network to sign on, and last year, it dedicated twice as long to climate change as the other networks combined. »