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Thursday October 10th, 2019 evening edition

image for 'South Park' declares 'F--- the Chinese government' in 300th episode after the show was banned in China

"South Park" fired back at the Chinese government during Wednesday's 300th episode after the country banned the show from its internet.

"South Park" discussion forums were shut down and videos of the show were removed from the Chinese internet after last week's episode mocked the country's censorship.

The creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, issued a mock apology to China on Monday, saying "We too love money more than freedom and democracy.".

"South Park" fired back at China during Wednesday's milestone 300th episode after the country banned the long-running Comedy Central animated series.

READ MORE: 'South Park' has reportedly been banned in China after its most recent episode criticized censorship in the country.

Last week's episode, called "Band in China," mocked Chinese censorship and Hollywood's reliance on the country's box office to boost potential blockbusters.

READ MORE: 'South Park' creators issue a mocking 'apology' to China after the show was reportedly banned in the country. »

Chinese citizens will soon need to scan their face before they can access internet services or get a new phone number

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China's 854 million internet users will soon need to use facial identification in order to apply for new internet or mobile services.

The Chinese government announced last month that telecommunications companies will need to scan users' faces in order to verify their identities before they can access new services.

Chinese citizens will soon have to start using facial identification in order to sign up for internet services or get a new mobile number. »

Majority Now Want Donald Trump Impeached and Removed From Office: Poll

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An increasing number of Americans are in favor of seeing President Donald Trump both impeached and removed from office, with five polls in recent days showing a majority of people supporting the ongoing impeachment inquiry.

The most recent poll, from Fox News, showed that 51 percent of respondents wanted to see Trump impeached and removed from office, with a further 4 percent believing the president should be impeached but not removed from office.

Meanwhile the same poll, released Wednesday, showed that 40 percent of people did not think Trump should be impeached— down from 45 percent of respondents in the same poll taken in July. »

Rwanda just released the first smartphone made entirely in Africa

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The company hopes to help turn Rwanda into a regional tech hub, and it just got one step closer to completing that mission.

This week, the company released two smartphones, earning Mara Group the title of the first smartphone manufacturer in Africa.

Rwanda President Paul Kagame has announced Africa’s “first high tech smartphone factory,” CNN reported. »