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Thursday September 12nd, 2019 night edition

image for Judge Orders Release of Records That Might Tie Saudi Royals to 9/11

A federal judge’s ruling has raised hopes that we may better understand any possible ties between Saudi Arabia’s ruling family and the 9/11 hijackers — the vast majority of whom were Saudi citizens.

Soon after, they all — including Esam Ghazzawi, the father of al-Hijji’s wife and owner of the home — flew to Saudi Arabia.

Through its own investigation, WhoWhatWhy discovered that there is a direct link between Ghazzawi and the ruling Saudi royal family.

In 2008, records show, the State Department paid Eirad $11,733 for rental of facilities, presumably in Saudi Arabia.

The prince is a prominent member of the ruling Saudi royal family.

He is a great-grandson of King Abdul Aziz (commonly referred to as Ibn Saud), founder of modern Saudi Arabia, and grandson of the current king.

The al-Hijji family left Florida on August 27, 2001, according to reports released in 2019 by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. »

U.S. warns of feral hogs approaching country from Canada

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-- Wildlife officials say feral hogs from Canada encroaching on Montana's northern border are a serious concern for farmers and others.

Daily Inter Lake reported Sunday that the U.S. agriculture department's Wildlife Services division says there have been multiple reports of feral hogs near the border.

An official says eight mature pigs were discovered in Canada directly above Montana's Lincoln County this summer. »

Arizona state trooper arrested on 61 sex-related, kidnapping and fraud counts

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(CNN) Arizona Department of Public Safety detectives arrested one of their own troopers Tuesday on charges of sexual abuse, extortion, kidnapping, harassment and fraud, AZDPS Col. Frank Milstead said at a news conference.

Tremaine Jackson, 43, an AZDPS trooper for about 13 years, used his position of authority to "bargain leniency for favor," Milstead said.

"The Arizona Department of Public Safety is a proud and venerable organization with a storied past," Milstead said. »

Study finds fame-seeking mass shooters tend to receive more media attention

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The researchers scoured through a variety of datasets to compile information on mass shootings in the United States between 1966 and 2018.

About 96% of fame-seeking mass shooters received at least one mention in the New York Times, compared to about 74% of their counterparts.

The study, “Fame-seeking mass shooters in America: Severity, characteristics, and media coverage“, was authored by Jason R.Silva and Emily Ann Greene-Colozzi. »