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Wednesday September 11st, 2019 evening edition

image for Millions of young people will “storm the Bastille” if we don’t fix income inequality, 2020 candidate Marianne Williamson says

In an interview today with Recode’s Kara Swisher, she said their responses reminded her of the rich East Coasters who hang out in the Hamptons.

“What I got in both places is that when you say, ‘Come on guys, this is not capitalism, this is a virulent strain of capitalism, this has got to stop,’ what do I get?”

Then, she imitated the rich people’s resigned response: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re right, I know.”.

“I think these guys know — it won’t be Bernie [Sanders], Elizabeth [Warren], or Marianne that’s going to storm the Bastille,” she added.

What am I supposed to be scared of in socialism, the free health care or the free college?’”.

If capitalism and its wealthiest winners do not “reclaim some sort of ethical core,” she predicted, then “chaos ensues.”.

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Hong Kong protesters hit pause to mark 9/11 attacks

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"Anti-government fanatics are planning massive terror attacks, including blowing up gas pipes, in Hong Kong on September 11," the Hong Kong edition of the China Daily said on its Facebook page on Tuesday alongside a picture of the attacks on the twin towers in New York.

"The 9/11 terror plot also encourages indiscriminate attacks on non-native speakers of Cantonese and starting mountain fires," it said.

The Facebook post said "leaked information was part of the strategy being schemed by radical protesters in their online chat rooms. »

Arizona state trooper arrested on 61 sex-related, kidnapping and fraud counts

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(CNN) Arizona Department of Public Safety detectives arrested one of their own troopers Tuesday on charges of sexual abuse, extortion, kidnapping, harassment and fraud, AZDPS Col. Frank Milstead said at a news conference.

Tremaine Jackson, 43, an AZDPS trooper for about 13 years, used his position of authority to "bargain leniency for favor," Milstead said.

"The Arizona Department of Public Safety is a proud and venerable organization with a storied past," Milstead said. »

'Rick Scott had us on lockdown': how Florida said no to $70m for HIV crisis

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While the Republican senator Rick Scott was governor of Florida, his administration presided over the effective blocking of $70m in federal funds available for fighting the state’s HIV crisis.

“I think Rick Scott fueled the epidemic in Florida,” said Marlene LaLota, a 28-year veteran of the Florida department of health who was the administrator of its HIV/Aids section from 2014 to 2016.

“Senator Scott supports efforts by the administration to make sure everyone is getting the care they need,” his spokesperson said. »