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Thursday August 8th, 2019 evening edition

image for The Oil Giants Might Finally Pay for Pulling the Biggest Hoax of All

And the hardball has begun in earnest, again via ICN:.

Because of their roles investing in and engaging with Exxon over climate change, these witnesses' testimony could prove critical to the state's case.

Exxon wrote on July 30 that it planned to send documents requests to seven witnesses.

Later that decade, in 1988, an internal report by Shell projected similar effects but also found that CO2 could double even earlier, by 2030.

Privately, these companies did not dispute the links between their products, global warming, and ecological calamity.

Global changes in air temperature would also “drastically change the way people live and work.”

Respond to this post on the Esquire Politics Facebook page here. »

Actor Danny Trejo comes to aid of baby that was trapped in overturned car

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(CNN) One of Hollywood's best-known villains, Danny Trejo, came to the rescue of a baby that was trapped in an overturned vehicle in Los Angeles.

The overturned vehicle that was sitting on its roof still had a baby strapped into a car seat inside.

"The only thing that saved the little kid was his car seat," Trejo told a photographer on the scene. »

Inmates defeat Harvard debate team

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And if the other side was a group of inmates at a maximum-security prison?

If you knew the prison debate club's record, you might have voted for the inmates.

They know their Bard education is an opportunity most inmates do not have, and they know it can be life-saving. »

Luxembourg to be first European country to legalise cannabis

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Luxembourg has called on its EU neighbours to relax their drug laws as its health minister confirmed plans to become the first European country to legalise cannabis production and consumption.

Schneider said the legislation was likely to include a ban on non-residents buying cannabis in order to dissuade drug-tourism.

In the Netherlands, possibly the European country most associated with a relaxed attitude toward the use of cannabis, its recreational use, possession and trade is technically illegal. »

RCMP find bodies believed to be B.C. murder suspects

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The Manitoba RCMP said two bodies have been found in the hunt for the B.C. murder suspects, believed to be those of Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod.

“At this time, we believe these are the bodies of the two suspects wanted in connection with the homicides in British Columbia,” RCMP Manitoba Assistant Commissioner Jane MacLatchy told reporters on Wednesday.

She added that autopsies still need to be done to confirm the identities of the bodies and the cause of death. »