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Monday May 27th, 2019 day edition

image for After Girl’s Dad Cuts Her Hair Off For Getting Birthday Highlights, Mom Steps In

Her father had even managed to find another successful relationship with a woman who worked with him at the fire station.

But it wasn’t a problem for the two parents, as long as they remained partners in raising the daughter they shared.

She also had her godmother, Haylee Ann, who was full of advice and perspectives on life from all of her experiences.

So with many motherly women around her, another woman close to her father wasn’t threatening to Kelsey.

Not Your Average Girl Getting gifts for a young girl is really never easy, but Kelsey proved to be an exceptional challenge.

Her favorite hobbies tended to separate her from other young girls her age, and didn’t make for the most practical gifts.

She loved going fishing with her cousins, but that’s no easy gift to plan in the middle of a party. »

Hong Kong protestors demand China be held to account for 1989 Tiananmen crackdown

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HONG KONG (Reuters) - Thousands of protesters marched through central Hong Kong on Sunday as part of annual demonstrations demanding that China be held accountable for its democracy crackdown in and around Tiananmen Square three decades ago.

Protesters take part in a march ahead of June 4 anniversary of military crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square, in Hong Kong, China May 26, 2019.

The Tiananmen crackdown is a taboo subject in China and authorities have refused to accept full accountability or release the death toll. »

Are you calling me a Nazi? : AntifascistsofReddit

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This is a direct action sub, meaning we actively seek to achieve our goals using Reddit.

This is not a sound board to debate antifa, this is a place to disseminate information and help organize outliers.

For those that have difficulty in identifying what fascism is, please refer to Mussolini's own book on The Doctrine of Fascism. »

Two Florida Species Declared Extinct

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For Immediate Release, October 5, 2011 Contact: Tierra Curry, (928) 522-3681 Two Florida Species Declared Extinct Endangered Species Review Too Late to Save South Florida Rainbow Snake, Florida Fairy Shrimp JACKSONVILLE, Fla.— The U.S.

Fish and Wildlife Service announced today that two Florida species, the South Florida rainbow snake and the Florida fairy shrimp, have been determined to be extinct.

Last week the Service announced that 374 other freshwater species in the petition, including 114 in Florida, may warrant protection under Act. »