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Monday May 27th, 2019 morning edition

image for Resistance training can improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety in those who likely have PTSD

Resistance training can improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety in those who likely have PTSD.

A new study provides preliminary evidence that high-intensity resistance training can improve sleep quality and anxiety in adults with post-traumatic stress disorder.

(His comments do not necessarily represent the official views of the Department of Veterans Affairs.).

The participants were randomly assigned to one of two groups: a 3-week resistance training group or a 3-week control group.

But Whitworth and his colleagues did find that those in the resistance training group had greater reductions in anxiety symptoms and improvements in sleep quality compared to the control group.

“The second main takeaway would be that in addition to being safe, the evidence suggests that participating in high-intensity resistance training may also improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety in individuals who likely have PTSD.

The study, “High intensity resistance training improves sleep quality and anxiety in individuals who screen positive for posttraumatic stress disorder: A randomized controlled feasibility trial“, James W. Whitworth, Sanaz Nosrat, Nicholas J. SantaBarbara, and Joseph T. Ciccolo. »

Are you calling me a Nazi? : AntifascistsofReddit

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This is a direct action sub, meaning we actively seek to achieve our goals using Reddit.

This is not a sound board to debate antifa, this is a place to disseminate information and help organize outliers.

For those that have difficulty in identifying what fascism is, please refer to Mussolini's own book on The Doctrine of Fascism. »

China makes arrests, shuts down rogue chemical factories that spewed banned ozone-depleting gas

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Rogue chemical plants have been targeted in a Chinese government crackdown on the discharge of illegal gases.

The authorities are believed to have launched a nationwide operation after it was revealed large amounts of ozone-depleting gases were being released in north-eastern China.

The action includes arrests and the closure of at least two illicit facilities producing banned chemical CFC-11, used in the production of expanding foams for the building and insulation industries. »

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez auf Twitter: "This exchange is a promising peek into what growth looks like in our national discourse on race. Thanks for sharing your experience in this powerful moment, @Cod

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Indem du Twitter Inhalte in deine Website oder App einbettest, akzeptierst du die Twitter Entwicklervereinbarung und die Entwicklerrichtlinien. »

Did anyone say drama?

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Match chat: 3307022176 Taiga: DOGS Bablodin_: ) Taiga: My name is Taiga: Putin Taiga: I request Taiga: Not having russian in dotka.

While pro players are treated as this special, legendary group of "opinion leaders", they all are, first and foremost, just pub players.

They came from the group of pub players, and they still are thoroughly mixed among others like them, and honestly many of those pub players can suddenly become pros and "opinion leaders" at any reshuffle. »