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Tuesday April 23rd, 2019 night edition

image for Britain breaks coal-free power record over Easter weekend

Britain has broken its record for the longest continuous period without generating electricity from coal.

National Grid said that the coal-free period lasted more than 90 hours before coming to an end on Monday afternoon.

It is the longest period since the industrial revolution and breaks the previous record set in April 2018 of 76 hours and 10 minutes.

The government plans to phase out Britain's last coal power plants by 2025 to cut greenhouse gases.

Duncan Burt, director of operations at National Grid, told BBC Radio 5 Live it was "a really big deal".

Image copyright PA Image caption The sunny weather has led to low energy demand and a boost in solar power.

The 2008 Climate Change Act requires greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced by 80% compared with 1990 levels by 2050. »

‘Maxed out’: 48% of Canadians on brink of insolvency, survey says

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“Canadians appear to be maxed out with no real plan for paying back what they have borrowed,” said MNP President Grant Bazian in a release.

“This raises many alarming questions about how and if consumer debt will be repaid, particularly if conditions deteriorate or interest rates rise.”.

According to the survey, insolvency concerns rose the most among Atlantic Canadians, with 55 per cent saying they are $200 or less away from the financial brink, a jump of 10 percentage points since MNP’s December survey. »

Klopp aims huge dig at Man Utd ahead of derby match

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Jurgen Klopp is not expecting Manchester United to do Liverpool any favours when they take on Manchester City in the derby on Wednesday evening.

“It [the derby] is not something we can influence, and it does not look like United are in a place to, either,” Klopp told Sky Sports.

“We’ll see what comes out on Wednesday, we have no influence on that, but we still have to play games after that. »

Former student zapped $58,000 worth of PC equipment using a 'USB Killer' device

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According to the US Department of Justice, Vishwanath Akuthota, who resides in the US on a student visa, recorded himself on an iPhone as he proceeded to plug a USB Killer device into 66 computers and other PC gear.

The USB Killer device looks innocuous like any other USB flash drive.

The company that makes the USB Killer says it's intended to test USB ports against power surge attacks. »

Republican Congressman Caught Planning Violent Attacks Against Liberals

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Shea was also found to planning “psyops” against these activists according to conversations that he was having with these extremists via an app called Signal.

Now, Republicans may not have a monopoly on crazy, but they certainly knew have a majority ownership in it.

A sitting Republican member of Congress, even though it’s at the state level, was plotting with right wing extremists to cause physical harm to liberals. »