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Monday April 22nd, 2019 evening edition

image for Mueller's report: A profile of a president willing to sell out his country

The full report was rumored to have clocked in at well over three hundred pages and Barr’s summary left much to be desired as to just what Mueller had uncovered.

It’s as bad as anyone could have imagined, and, in many cases, so much worse.

In a disturbing incident, the Trump Campaign was not able to carry out conspiracy, but seemingly not for a lack of trying.

In the question of obstruction, Mueller may not have come to a conclusion, but the reason was a far cry from what Barr tried to sell to the public.

In this case, Mueller laid out several instances of Trump attempting to obstruct his investigation, both in public and private.

Donald McGahn threatened to resign after Trump told him to fire Mueller and lie about it.

It’s hard, following a long and critical look at this report, to come to any conclusion other than Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from office. »

Klopp aims huge dig at Man Utd ahead of derby match

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Jurgen Klopp is not expecting Manchester United to do Liverpool any favours when they take on Manchester City in the derby on Wednesday evening.

“It [the derby] is not something we can influence, and it does not look like United are in a place to, either,” Klopp told Sky Sports.

“We’ll see what comes out on Wednesday, we have no influence on that, but we still have to play games after that. »

Woman carrying a gun and a baby tackled after threatening to blow up church

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(CNN) Church members on Sunday tackled a woman carrying a baby and handgun, as she threatened to blow up the church during Easter service, San Diego Police said.

San Diego Police arrived within two minutes of the first call and took the woman into custody, the department said in a statement.

Conkey walked onto the auditorium's stage and waved the handgun while she "made threats that she was going to blow up the church," police said. »

Pope during Easter vigil: Reject the ‘glitter of wealth’

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| Vincenzo Pinto/AFP/Getty Images Religion Pope during Easter vigil: Reject the ‘glitter of wealth’.

Francis exclaimed, after noting that when things go badly, “we lose heart and come to believe that death is stronger than life.”.

On Sunday, Francis celebrates Easter Mass in late morning in St. Peter’s Square and gives a speech from the basilica balcony. »

Cyberpunk 2077 developer: “I would say that the game is pretty different to what we showed last year”

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That video was based on the E3 2018 build and according to Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz, Quest Director of Cyberpunk 2077, the game is pretty different to that demo.

Moreover, the fact that the game is different to what CD Projekt RED showed last year is not a bad thing.

“I would say that Cyberpunk 2077 is an open world game with a strong narrative component set in a dark future. »