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Tuesday September 11st, 2018 morning edition

image for Kansspelcommissie trekt ten strijde tegen FIFA 18 (en 19)

Drie ontwikkelaars gingen door de knieën, maar Electronic Arts (EA) weigert zogenoemde loot boxes uit het populaire spel FIFA 18 aan te passen.

Meer zelfs, ook in FIFA 19 zullen spelers de virtuele verrassingspakketten met echt geld kunnen kopen.

Op hun vraag stopte spelontwikkelaar Blizzard in ons land met de verkoop van loot boxes in de populaire games Overwatch en Heroes of the Storm.

Een grote overwinning voor een klein land als België, zegt Marjolein De Paepe, woordvoerder van de Kansspelcommissie.

Eerder gaven ontwikkelaars Valve en 2K Games al te kennen loot boxes niet langer tegen echt geld aan te bieden.

Topman Andrew Wilson van EA benadrukte voor de zomer niet te stoppen met de loot boxes.

“Als die ons ongelijk geeft, dan zullen we ervoor pleiten om de kansspelwet te herzien, zodat we de loot boxes wel kunnen aanpakken. »

Ajit Pai helped Charter kill consumer-protection rules in Minnesota

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The ruling was issued Friday by the US Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit, following a lawsuit filed by Charter Communications against the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (MPUC).

A three-judge panel ruled against Minnesota in a 2-1 vote—the FCC had filed a brief supporting Charter's position in the case.

"[F]ederal law for decades has recognized that states may not regulate information services," Pai said in response to the ruling. »

Ibogaine: One Man's Journey To Mexico For Psychedelic Addiction Treatment

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What's giving Dextraze some hope that he can break the cycle, though, is an alternative psychedelic treatment called ibogaine.

But it's illegal in the U.S. Ibogaine is a substance from the iboga plant that's primarily found in Africa.

Less than 10 years later, ibogaine was declared a Schedule 1 drug in the U.S. because of its psychoactive effects. »

Australian firefighters shot at while battling US wildfire

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Two Australian firefighters, on patrol with US Forest Service personnel in Washington state, were set upon by hunters, chased and shot at in an incident which has reached officials within the Foreign Affairs Department.

The incident, which involved two Australians and two local officers, led to the arrest of the two hunters.

They were issued Violation Notices by USDA Forest Service Law Enforcement Officers for violation of the closure order. »