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Tuesday June 26th, 2018 morning edition

image for Finance boss stole £370k from his firm and bought kittens

Image copyright GMP Image caption Farrimond also bought a house with cash from the fraud.

A building firm's finance boss siphoned off nearly £370,000 in company cash to fund a lavish lifestyle that included buying pedigree kittens, a court heard.

Matthew Farrimond, admitted 12 counts of fraud by pretending to pay the cash to charities and also one offence of money laundering.

Farrimond, 41, from Buckshaw Village, Chorley, was jailed for four years, at a Bolton Crown Court hearing.

Greater Manchester Police said Farrimond, who was finance manager at a company in Westhoughton, created false invoices to cover the payments into his own account.

His crimes were uncovered when two cheque stubs were found showing unplanned large payments to charities, the court heard.

Further investigation revealed that the cash had actually been paid into Farrimond's bank account. »

President Trump Hired Undocumented Immigrants for $4 An Hour for Demolition Project: Court Docs

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President Donald Trump hired hundreds of undocumented Polish immigrants to demolish a New York City building in 1980 and paid them as little as $4 an hour without providing proper safety equipment to do the job, court documents show.

“We worked in horrid, terrible conditions,” Wojciech Kozak, one of the undocumented Polish workers at the demolition site, told the Times.

According to court testimonies, Trump took notice of Kaszycki and his crew of 200 undocumented Polish workers when he visited a worksite near Bonwit Teller. »

Extreme Stress During Childhood Stunts a Crucial Type of Learning For Years Afterwards

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Researchers have long puzzled over why early life stress is linked to such a wide variety of problems years later.

For example, children who have experienced a lot of stress seem to have more difficulty containing negative emotions like anger or anxiety.

Our findings suggest that, beyond emotion, two general learning mechanisms are also affected by early life stress – and these have the potential to explain long-term effects of childhood adversity. »

Stranded fox rescued from iceberg by fishermen who fed him Vienna sausages

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Alan Russell of St. Lewis said his ship was about seven kilometres offshore when they spotted something on a nearby iceberg.

The fox wouldn't come near the fishermen, so they knocked the ice pan into the water and fished him out with a net.

The crew tried to pull him from the mushroom-shaped iceberg tip, but the skittish fox wouldn't let them close. »