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Monday June 25th, 2018 night edition

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Mumbai has the become the largest Indian city to ban single-use plastics, with residents caught using plastic bags, cups or bottles to face penalties of up to 25,000 rupees (£276) and three months in jail from Monday.

Council inspectors in navy blue jackets have been posted across the city to catch businesses or residents still using plastic bags.

Penalties have already kicked in for businesses and several, reportedly including a McDonald’s and Starbucks, have already been fined.

Penalties range from 5,000 rupees for first-time offenders to 25,000 rupees and the threat of three months’ jail for those caught repeatedly using single-use plastics.

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Local media have reported complaints from vendors who say some inspectors are using confusion over the ban to extort money from businesses.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Children plays amid plastic waste near the Arabian Sea coast at Mahim beach in Mumbai. »

SpaceX: Elon Musk Reveals Why Humanity Needs to Expand Beyond Earth

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Humanity needs to become a multiplanetary species to “preserve the light of consciousness,” Elon Musk told his Twitter followers on Monday.

Musk was responding to a Universal Science article on a study about the Fermi paradox released by the University of Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute.

Musk also noted that “it would be amazing to encounter an alien civilization, provided it is not their invasion fleet!” » Purchased by Pranksters to Promote America's Concentration Camps

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The domain is now a parody website that features photos and video of the U.S. government’s child concentration camps.

The domain was registered just last week on June 20th, though it’s not clear who operates the site.

The bulk of the text on the website come from Trump’s own words, including his rants about Mexicans being rapists and his reveling in authoritarian power. »

Michael Jackson's Forgotten Humanitarian Legacy

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In 2000, The Guinness Book of World Records cited him as the most philanthropic pop star in history.

Throughout the Bad World Tour, before and after concerts, Jackson had under-privileged and sick children brought backstage.

That year, Jackson also donated all of his performance money from the Victory Tour to charity—an estimated $5 million dollars. »