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Wednesday January 10th, 2018 night edition

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While the critics are bloviating over how a minimum wage hike affects billionaires, it seems that some Canadians aren’t ready to get over their anger at Tim Hortons.

Last week, in response to a minimum wage hike in Ontario, some franchise owners, including the co-founders’ married children, decided to strip their workers of paid breaks and cut back their benefits.

Now, in response to those actions, some Tim Hortons owners are facing down rallies and boycotts planned by labor activists and some everyday Canadians.

A rally is planned outside the Cobourg Tim Hortons on Wednesday and it’s not the only one.

The Hamilton and District Labour Council has also decided to picket a Dundas Tim Hortons in response to the Tim Hortons that have pulled the paid breaks for their employees as well.

“This Tim Horton’s location has allegedly cut benefits and paid breaks for employees as a result of the new minimum wage laws,” reads the Dundas event page’s description.

The boycott calls on Canadians to support an independent coffee chain of their choosing instead of Tim Hortons on Tuesdays. »

Bill Gates says investing in cancer therapies could 'control all infectious disease'

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Together with his wife Melinda, the couple has invested billions in companies over the last decade to develop such therapies.

Bill Gates is betting big that certain cancer therapies, if manufactured correctly, could help "control all infectious disease.".

Gates, cochair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, made the announcement during his keynote address at the recent JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. »


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Hargrave was removed from the school board meeting, forcibly handcuffed and jailed after questioning pay policies during a public comment period.

— A day after a Louisiana teacher was handcuffed and forcibly removed from a school board meeting for questioning the superintendent's pay raise, the school board received death threats, the board president said Tuesday.

School board President Anthony Fontana said Tuesday that the board offices were temporarily locked down after it received death threats from across the world. »