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Friday September 8th, 2023 evening edition

image for Putin's mouthpiece lashed out after the US announced plan to send $5.4 million in seized Russian oligarch funds to Ukrainian veterans

The US announced plans to send $5.4 million in seized Russian oligarch assets to Ukraine.

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The Kremlin cried foul this week after the US announced plans to give millions of dollars in seized Russian oligarch assets to Ukrainian military veterans.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said such a transfer would be unlawful, Russian state media outlet TASS reported.

The US and other Western allies have frozen at least $58 billion worth of Russian oligarch-owned assets since the war began. »

Klay Holland jailed for raping masked intruder, Shane Cox, in home

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Holland’s victim, Shane Cox, had broken into a unit in Melton in Melbourne’s west in March 2021 armed with a knife and wearing a mask.

He had asked for money and drugs and was allegedly linked to others who had gone to the home to stand over a resident.

Mr Cox, 36, who was high on methylamphetamine, was overpowered by Holland, who was a guest at the home. »

The Supreme Court’s Fake Praying Coach Case Just Got Faker

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This final chapter of the “Coach Kennedy” saga was foreseeable—inevitable, really—well before the Supreme Court handed down its decision in June 2022.

They are seizing upon any case that will give the court this opportunity, with little concern for the truth of the underlying claims.

By playing along with these illusory cases, the Supreme Court shows itself to be an easy mark—or, perhaps, an all- too-willing dupe. »

According to Microsoft’s assessment, Starfield marks a substantial decline in accessibility standards

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As I delve into Starfield, one issue looms large for many players: the game’s limited accessibility settings.

Microsoft and Xbox have made substantial strides in advancing accessibility in recent years, emphasizing the importance of inclusive design.

However, without crucial accessibility enhancements, many players will be denied the opportunity to enjoy Starfield. »