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Friday September 8th, 2023 day edition

image for Donald Trump Suffers Five Legal Setbacks in One Day

Donald Trump experienced a particularly turbulent day on Wednesday as the former president suffered a series of losses and potential setbacks in legal cases and his 2024 White House campaign.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump leaves Trump Tower on September 6, 2023 in New York City.

He has faced a handful of setbacks within a single day.

Trump has long denied all wrongdoing in connection to the numerous civil and criminal trials against him.

Newsweek has contacted his office for comment via email in connection to the series of setbacks.

Trump is appealing the May jury defamation verdict, as well as Kaplan's previous refusal to have the 2019 lawsuit dismissed.

Trump is also requesting that he can sever his case from the other defendants who are seeking a speedy trial. »

Ukraine rips Elon Musk for disrupting sneak attack on Russian fleet with Starlink cutoff

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WASHINGTON — A Ukrainian official slammed Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk for ordering engineers to shut off Starlink's satellite network over Crimea last year in order to thwart a Ukrainian attack on Russian warships.

He told Isaacson that he was worried the Ukrainian attack on Russian vessels would provoke the Kremlin into launching a nuclear war.

The official pleaded with Musk to restore Starlink's connectivity so that Ukrainian submarine drones could carry out the attack on Russia's warship fleet. »

Elon Musk ordered Starlink to be turned off during Ukraine offensive, book says

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Elon Musk ordered his Starlink satellite communications network to be turned off near the Crimean coast last year to hobble a Ukrainian drone attack on Russian warships, according to a new biography.

He is reported to have said that Ukraine was “going too far” in threatening to inflict a “strategic defeat” on the Kremlin.

Musk reportedly referred to it as a “mini Pearl Harbor”, although Ukrainian forces were operating within their internationally recognised territorial waters. »

Mexico is on course to elect its first woman president

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Mexico is on course to elect its first woman president.

The main opposition, the Broad Front for Mexico, chose Xóchitl Gálvez, an outspoken senator, to represent their coalition.

That means — barring any upsets by a third-party candidate — Mexico will elect a woman president, shattering the glass ceiling in a notoriously patriarchal country. »

Klay Holland jailed for raping masked intruder, Shane Cox, in home

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Holland’s victim, Shane Cox, had broken into a unit in Melton in Melbourne’s west in March 2021 armed with a knife and wearing a mask.

He had asked for money and drugs and was allegedly linked to others who had gone to the home to stand over a resident.

Mr Cox, 36, who was high on methylamphetamine, was overpowered by Holland, who was a guest at the home. »