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Saturday July 22nd, 2023 night edition

image for Putin tells Poland any aggression against Belarus is attack on Russia

MOSCOW, July 21 (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin on Friday accused NATO member Poland of having territorial ambitions in the former Soviet Union, and said any aggression against Russia's neighbour and close ally Belarus would be considered an attack on Russia.

Moscow would react to any aggression against Belarus, which forms a loose "Union State" with Russia, "with all the means at our disposal", Putin told a meeting of his Security Council in televised remarks.

Poland denies any territorial ambitions in Belarus.

In his remarks Putin had also stated that the western part of Poland was a gift from Soviet leader Joseph Stalin to the country and that Russia would remind Poles about it.

Russia has in recent weeks begun stationing tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus for the first time.

The Kremlin said Putin would meet Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, with whom he speaks regularly, in Russia on Sunday.

The insurrection ended with an agreement that Wagner fighters - many recruited from prison - could move to Belarus if they wished. »

'Mystery company' buys $800M worth of land near Travis AFB, raising concerns about national security

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A Solano County congressman is sounding the alarm about a mystery company that has bought $800 million of land near Travis AFB.

But after eight months of investigation, government officials have been unable to identify who's behind it nor rule out any threat to national security.

Rep. Garamendi: "I have every reason in the world to believe that this land is adjacent to a critical national security platform Travis Air Force Base. »

Marjorie Taylor Greene questions if UFOs and aliens are really angels: 'Honestly, I've looked into it'

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WASHINGTON — The House Oversight Committee will move on from its attacks on Hunter Biden to address UFOs next week.

Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) has become the Republican's leader in Congress on UFOs, but he swears there will be "professionals" before the committee to answer questions.

Speaking to reporters Thursday morning, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who sits on the Oversight Committee, appeared to reject the idea of aliens from space. »

Egypt Criticizes Russia for Ending Ukraine Grain-Export Deal

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Egypt’s economy has been slammed by an increase in grain prices since Russia invaded Ukraine last year.

While global benchmark wheat futures had begun to moderate, they’ve surged this week after Russia terminated the export pact.

Earlier this month, Egypt announced that Abu Dhabi wealth fund ADQ would invest $800 million in companies in its economy. »

In Veiled Reaction To Russia, Iran Calls For Dialog Over Kuril Islands

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At the end of World War II, Russia annexed the Kuril Islands in the Pacific Ocean to its territory, but Japan calls these islands the Northern Territory and considers them “occupied by Russia.”.

Location of the Kuril Islands in the Western Pacific between Japan and the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia.

Iranian forces remain on the islands, with only Abu Musa having a civilian population which is less than two thousand. »