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Friday July 21st, 2023 evening edition

image for Jesse Watters caught making the case for Roe v Wade: ‘You can do what you want with your body’

Fox News host Jesse Watters recently found himself making an argument on his show that sounded very much like the one many liberals and progressives have used to defend abortion rights.

Watters’ remarks came in his effort to defend Robert Kennedy’s anti-vaxx views in his programme The Five on the conservative news network on Thursday.

“It’s actually kind of weird that you’re so upset about what one Democrat thinks about vaccines,” Watters said, the volume of his voice rising.

As he concluded his statement on Mr Kennedy, Watters’ co-host Jessica Tarlov said he was “advocating for Roe”.

During the debate about Mr Kennedy’s position on The Five, Tarlov asked Watters whether his children were vaccinated.

Watters, formerly a morning show contributor, was elevated to the coveted primetime role following Carlson’s departure from Fox News earlier this year.

“Perhaps you could suggest that your people take less interest, for example, in other peoples’ bodies, and talk about that,” she said. »

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson signs bill outlawing pelvic exams on unconscious patients without consent

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— A little-known practice that allowed medical students to perform pelvic and other intimate exams on unconscious patients without their consent is now banned in Missouri after action taken Thursday by Missouri Gov. Mike Parson.

Two months after our investigation, Arthur introduced legislation to prohibit unauthorized exams on unconscious patients.

Missouri’s new law includes a provision for “emergency implied consent,” but states health care providers shall inform patients when any such exams are done. »

‘This Is a Really Big Deal’: How College Towns Are Decimating the GOP

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In state after state, fast-growing, traditionally liberal college counties like Dane are flexing their muscles, generating higher turnout and ever greater Democratic margins.

Biden won Washtenaw by close to 50 percentage points, with a winning margin of about 101,000 votes.

The American Communities Project, which has developed a typology of counties, designates 171 independent cities and counties as “college towns.” »

"Zero proof, but apparently some d**k pics": MTG showing Hunter Biden nudes at hearing backfires

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Both agents believe the federal investigation of Hunter Biden was flawed, and Shapley has claimed that officials for the Department of Justice hindered the probe.

Greene showed the explicit photographs near the end of her questioning, suggesting without evidence that they displayed Hunter Biden "making pornography."

Rep. Robert Garcia, D-Calif., called out Greene's move and lamented the lack of evidence produced in the GOP-led investigations into the Bidens. »

Alabama GOP refuses to draw second Black district, despite Supreme Court order

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The Supreme Court affirmed the ruling this year, prompting the Legislature to call a special session to redraw the map this week.

They're currently considering two drafts: The House map includes a second district that is 42% Black, while the Senate map includes a district that is 38% Black.

“Alabama Republicans are intentionally drawing political retention maps at the expense of Black Alabamians — in defiance of the Supreme Court and the Alabama district court. »