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Saturday July 22nd, 2023 morning edition

image for DeSantis announces inquiry into Bud Light's parent company over partnership with trans influencer

WASHINGTON — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Thursday that he is directing his state government to launch an inquiry into Bud Light's parent company, AB InBev, over its partnership with transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

DeSantis, who's running for the GOP presidential nomination, accused the beverage company of not following its "fiduciary duty" to shareholders and pensioners by collaborating with Mulvaney.

"When you start pursuing a political agenda at the expense of your shareholders, that’s not just impacting very wealthy people.

It impacts hardworking people who were police officers, firefighters and teachers in terms of the pension," DeSantis said in an interview on Fox News.

DeSantis said Florida had $53 million worth of InBev stock in Florida's pension funds of about $180 billion.

The governor claimed that shareholders were affected after sales of Bud Light declined as a result of conservative backlash to the beer brand after it worked with Mulvaney.

DeSantis' office pointed to a letter he posted on Twitter on Friday morning that he sent to the interim executive director of the State Board of Administration calling for an inquiry. »

Hunter Biden’s attorney files ethics complaint against Marjorie Taylor Greene for showing sexual images

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Hunter Biden’s lawyer filed an ethics complaint against Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) Friday, requesting that an ethics watchdog “immediately” initiate a review of Greene’s conduct after she showed sexually explicit photos of Biden at a congressional hearing this week.

During her time to question the witnesses, Greene held up posters that showed graphic sexual photos from the laptop hard drive that allegedly belonged to Hunter Biden.

“Yesterday they took us to a new low when Marjorie Taylor Greene decided for completely gratuitous reasons to show purported pornographic scenes of Hunter Biden. »

Egypt Criticizes Russia for Ending Ukraine Grain-Export Deal

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Egypt’s economy has been slammed by an increase in grain prices since Russia invaded Ukraine last year.

While global benchmark wheat futures had begun to moderate, they’ve surged this week after Russia terminated the export pact.

Earlier this month, Egypt announced that Abu Dhabi wealth fund ADQ would invest $800 million in companies in its economy. »

Marjorie Taylor Greene questions if UFOs and aliens are really angels: 'Honestly, I've looked into it'

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WASHINGTON — The House Oversight Committee will move on from its attacks on Hunter Biden to address UFOs next week.

Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) has become the Republican's leader in Congress on UFOs, but he swears there will be "professionals" before the committee to answer questions.

Speaking to reporters Thursday morning, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who sits on the Oversight Committee, appeared to reject the idea of aliens from space. »

In Veiled Reaction To Russia, Iran Calls For Dialog Over Kuril Islands

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At the end of World War II, Russia annexed the Kuril Islands in the Pacific Ocean to its territory, but Japan calls these islands the Northern Territory and considers them “occupied by Russia.”.

Location of the Kuril Islands in the Western Pacific between Japan and the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia.

Iranian forces remain on the islands, with only Abu Musa having a civilian population which is less than two thousand. »