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Monday June 26th, 2023 evening edition

image for UK government considers preparing for scenario of unexpected collapse of Russian Federation – The Time

According to internal assessments within the UK government, the UK should prepare for the scenario of an unexpected collapse of the Russian Federation so that such events do not take London by surprise.

Source: The Times, citing its sources, as reported by European Pravda.

Even from the beginning of the full-scale war, London assumed it could end in instability inside the country for Moscow.

But the pace of events since Prigozhin announced his "march on Moscow" has prompted diplomats to quickly prepare a plan of action for various scenarios.

John Glen, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury of the United Kingdom, said that the events in Russia are its "internal affairs.".

Foreman suggested that the pace of events on Friday and Saturday caught Western diplomats by surprise.

Previously: The president of Lithuania has said that NATO would need to strengthen its eastern border if Prigozhin and Wagner end up in Belarus. »

Democrats warn party: The threat of Trump winning in 2024 is 'very real'

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Despite an air of confidence from Biden and his team, some Democrats say they believe Trump has a very serious shot at winning back the Oval Office.

“Are Democrats discounting the threat that Trump poses even with his series of indictments?

“And the worst is that we cannot forget what the actual consequence [is] of having a Trump presidency. »

Exclusive: Deutsche Bank tells investors some of their Russian shares are missing

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In the circular, Deutsche attributed the shortfall to a decision by Moscow to allow investors to convert some of the DRs into local stock.

DRs are certificates issued by a bank representing shares in a foreign company traded on a local stock exchange.

Deutsche Bank is now allowing investors to swap DRs for shares as part of its plans to exit all Russia business, one source said. »

Australian earless dragon last seen in 1969 rediscovered in secret location

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The Victorian grassland earless dragon, Tympanocryptis pinguicolla, has now been rediscovered in the state, according to a joint statement issued by the Victorian and federal Labor governments on Sunday.

The last confirmed sighting of the dragon was in the Geelong area in 1969.

It’s such exciting news that the Victorian grassland earless dragon has been rediscovered. »

Harvard professor who studies honesty accused of falsifying data in studies

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In an ironic twist in the world of behavioral science, a Harvard professor who studies honesty has been accused of data fraud.

Over the last few weeks, allegations have surfaced against Francesca Gino, a prominent Harvard Business School (HBS) professor who has been accused of falsifying results in several behavioral science studies.

“We understand that Harvard had access to much more information than we did, including, where applicable, the original data collected using Qualtrics survey software. »