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Tuesday June 20th, 2023 evening edition

image for Historic decision: Estonia legalizes same-sex marriage

Going forward, alongside marriage, people will continue to enjoy the right to enter into a registered partnership.

Couples who enter into a registered partnership will also be able to convert their status to marriage in a simplified procedure should they wish to do so.

Both marriage and registered partnerships bring rights and obligations for couples which do not extend to those in de facto relationships.

While Estonia passed the Registered Partnership Act back in 2014, its implementing provisions, or other amendments necessary for its full implementation, were shelved for years.

With Tuesday's decision, Estonia becomes the second country in Eastern Europe to allow same-sex marriage, following Slovenia.

Minister of Social Protection Signe Riisalo (Reform) said that marriage equality will make Estonia a more inclusive and considerate place.

I am delighted that the decision has now been taken for a more forward-looking Estonia that cares for all.". »

Tampa woman left her mansion and an inheritance to 7 cats

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Word around the neighborhood was that Sauer’s will stipulated that her cats must remain at the home, and that they receive an inheritance.

“Cats shouldn’t be left by themselves in a big house.

She also left a donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, but Silk said that they do not yet know the amount. »

The US will not gain from Israel-Saudi normalization

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The U.S. has little to gain and may incur large costs by trying to broker an Israel-Saudi normalization.

There are reports the Biden administration is allegedly pushing for Israel-Saudi normalization by the end of 2023 before entering into a contentious election year.

However, as the Saudi case demonstrates, Washington must not pay the costs of normalization and sacrifice our own interests in the process. »

China’s Rebound Hits a Wall, and There Is ‘No Quick Fix’ to Revive It

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Investment in China has stagnated this spring after a flurry of activity in late winter.

China has tried many fixes over the last few years when its economy had flagged, like heavy borrowing to pay for roads and rail lines.

“Authorities risk being behind the curve in stimulating the economy, but there’s no quick fix,” said Louise Loo, an economist specializing in China in the Singapore office of Oxford Economics. »

Biden says threat of Putin using tactical nuclear weapons is 'real'

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June 19 (Reuters) - President Joe Biden said on Monday the threat of Russian President Vladimir Putin using tactical nuclear weapons is "real", days after denouncing Russia's deployment of such weapons in Belarus.

On Saturday, Biden called Putin's announcement that Russia had deployed its first tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus "absolutely irresponsible".

"They looked at me like when I said I worry about Putin using tactical nuclear weapons. »