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Tuesday June 20th, 2023 day edition

image for Biden says threat of Putin using tactical nuclear weapons is 'real'

June 19 (Reuters) - President Joe Biden said on Monday the threat of Russian President Vladimir Putin using tactical nuclear weapons is "real", days after denouncing Russia's deployment of such weapons in Belarus.

On Saturday, Biden called Putin's announcement that Russia had deployed its first tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus "absolutely irresponsible".

"They looked at me like when I said I worry about Putin using tactical nuclear weapons.

Last week, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said his country has started taking delivery of Russian tactical nuclear weapons, some of which he said were three times more powerful than the atomic bombs the U.S. dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

The deployment is Russia's first move of such warheads - shorter-range, less powerful nuclear weapons that could be used on the battlefield - outside Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union.

The United States has said it has no intention of altering its stance on strategic nuclear weapons in response to the deployment and has not seen any signs that Russia is preparing to use a nuclear weapon.

In May, Russia dismissed Biden's criticism of its plan to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, saying the U.S. had for decades deployed such nuclear weapons in Europe. »

China’s Rebound Hits a Wall, and There Is ‘No Quick Fix’ to Revive It

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Investment in China has stagnated this spring after a flurry of activity in late winter.

China has tried many fixes over the last few years when its economy had flagged, like heavy borrowing to pay for roads and rail lines.

“Authorities risk being behind the curve in stimulating the economy, but there’s no quick fix,” said Louise Loo, an economist specializing in China in the Singapore office of Oxford Economics. »

Biden says rich must 'pay their share' at first reelection campaign rally

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Biden says rich must 'pay their share' at first reelection campaign rally.

"I'm looking forward to this campaign," Biden said to cries of "four more years!"

His choice of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania — and a friendly union audience — as his first official campaign stop reflected their crucial role in his reelection effort. »