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Friday June 9th, 2023 night edition

image for Wagner mercenaries tortured me and stole tanks from the Russian army, captured lieutenant says

“I was captured, held in the basement, and bullied in a way any embittered Russian soldier would not bully a captive Ukrainian soldier,” he said in a video posted on Telegram.

Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin has regularly attacked Russia’s military establishment (Photo: Telegram).

Colonel Vinvitin said that other Russian soldiers had been subjected to even worse treatment at the hands of Wagner.

The officer went on to claim that the mercenaries had stolen equipment from his unit, including two T-80 tanks and several other vehicles.

The episode is just the latest flashpoint between the Russian army and Wagner.

The rift between Wagner and the Russian army has raised alarm in Russian media.

“It is obvious that the conflict between the defence ministry and Wagner requires intervention at the highest level,” said journalist Ruslan Ostashko. »

Pat Robertson, conservative evangelist and Christian Coalition founder, dies at 93

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"Pat Robertson dedicated his life to preaching the Gospel, helping those in need, and educating the next generation," the company said.

Television evangelist and conservative political activist Pat Robertson speaks to a meeting of the Christian Coalition in Washington in 1994.

But he would remain a kingmaker in the GOP for decades to come, marshaling conservative Christians behind George W. Bush and Donald Trump. »

Latest population survey yields good news for vaquita marina

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MEXICO CITY (CN) — The resilient little vaquita marina appears determined to survive the illegal fishing that has brought it dangerously close to extinction, according to the latest population survey.

The survey and its promising results were made possible by a significant decrease of gill net fishing in the Upper Gulf of California.

“This is encouraging news and it shows that vaquita are survivors,” said Alex Olivera, senior Mexico representative at the Center for Biological Diversity. »

India among top actors for foreign interference in Canada: national security adviser

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's national security adviser says India is among the top sources of foreign interference in Canada.

Jody Thomas says "a number of state actors and non-state proxies" are conducting foreign interference in Canada, and at a conference last week she listed three countries that Ottawa has frequently cited: China, Russia and Iran.

The NDP has often cited India as a source of foreign interference, arguing Canada should limit its ties to the country over human rights concerns. »