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Thursday June 8th, 2023 evening edition

image for Kakhovka HPP blowing up: Zelenskyy shocked by reaction of UN and Red Cross

Quote: "We have not received a single response [to Ukraine’s requests for help – ed.].

Details: He added that if there was a reaction, it was "very diplomatic".

People stuck on the roofs of their houses can see those who have drowned flowing past them.

It is extremely hard to evacuate people from the occupied part of Kherson Oblast.

When our people try to save them, the occupiers launch attacks," Zelesnkyy added.

Details: Zelenskyy added that the consequences of the catastrophe will only be seen in a few days when the water recedes a little. »

Mass violence is changing how millennial and Gen Z Republicans see gun restrictions

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“You still have a lot of elected officials and Republicans within the party who don’t believe we should have government interference when it comes to owning guns.”.

“I think Republicans certainly have a generational issue on guns and other issues,” said John Della Volpe, a specialist in millennial and Gen Z voter research who advised President Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign.

Thirty-two percent of young Republicans said the Constitution only protects access to guns for militias — more than double the share of older Republicans who expressed that belief. »

Pat Robertson, conservative evangelist and Christian Coalition founder, dies at 93

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"Pat Robertson dedicated his life to preaching the Gospel, helping those in need, and educating the next generation," the company said.

Television evangelist and conservative political activist Pat Robertson speaks to a meeting of the Christian Coalition in Washington in 1994.

But he would remain a kingmaker in the GOP for decades to come, marshaling conservative Christians behind George W. Bush and Donald Trump. »

Cyberpunk Sequel New Details Hint At Early Development In 2024

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Cyberpunk sequel details have leaked, and they are fantastic if you still have any interest in these games.

This conference covered quite a bit, but the details that we are interested in were anything related to Cyberpunk and its subsequent sequel.

That is all we have on the fact that Cyberpunk sequel details have leaked. »