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Tuesday May 30th, 2023 evening edition

image for 25 to 32 drones attack Moscow: 2 buildings damaged, people evacuated

According to various reports, 25 to 32 drones attacked Moscow on the night of 29-30 May, damaging at least two multi-storey residential buildings, and most of the drones were reportedly shot down near the Russian capital.

A number of buildings in Moscow have been damaged by UAVs that crashed into them.

In addition, a number of unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down by Russian air defence forces on their approach to Moscow.".

Details: At the same time, Telegram channels have reported that, according to various sources, Moscow was attacked by between 25 and 32 drones.

According to Baza, three drones crashed into residential buildings, one of which was carrying explosive devices that did not detonate.

The ministry claimed that eight aircraft-type unmanned aerial vehicles were involved in the attack and that all of them were hit.

Earlier, Russian media reported that on the night of 29-30 May, drones attacked two high-rise buildings in Moscow. »

The Press is Falling for Anti-Abortion “Fetal Heartbeat” Propaganda

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When I read this phrase in the New Yorker, referring to Texas’s first abortion ban, I shot off a letter to the editor.

If the vaunted New Yorker copy desk could let this bit of anti-abortion bunk stand without comment, what was going on?

Maybe it’s correction fatigue, brought on by Donald Trump’s 35,500-plus lies and the subsequent atrophy of truth in politics and media. »

Connecticut formally exonerates witches executed in the 1600s

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Hundreds of years after a group of men and women were tried and convicted of witchcraft, Connecticut lawmakers have formally exonerated them for their “crimes.”.

During the 17th century, witchcraft was a capital offense punishable by death in the colony of Connecticut, according to the Connecticut judiciary.

Alse (Alice) Young, a resident of Windsor, Connecticut, was the first person executed for witchcraft in America, the judiciary documents showed. »

South Africa grants Putin diplomatic immunity for BRICS...

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Despite this, South Africa, as the current chair of the BRICS alliance, has officially invited Putin to the summit in August.

He said Article 98 imposed a possible restriction on the ICC to request South Africa to arrest and surrender Putin.

It would be up to the ICC to decide whether to proceed with a request to South Africa to arrest and surrender Putin. »