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Monday May 29th, 2023 morning edition

image for Belarus official: West left us no choice but to deploy nuclear arms

Western countries left Belarus no choice but to deploy Russian tactical nuclear weapons and had better take heed not to "cross red lines" on key strategic issues, a senior Belarusian official was quoted as saying on Sunday.

All the promises made are gone forever," the Belta news agency quoted Volfovich as telling an interviewer on state television.

Why did Russia move they nuclear weapons to Belarus?.

Russia moved ahead last week with a decision to deploy tactical nuclear weapons on Belarusian territory aimed at achieving specific gains on the battlefield.

"The deployment of tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus is therefore one of the steps of strategic deterrence.

The United States has denounced the prospective deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus but says its stance on the use of such weapons has not been altered.

After independence from Soviet rule, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan agreed to their weapons being removed and returned to Russia as part of international efforts to contain proliferation. »

A Ugandan vet's amazing story of her work to save mountain gorillas

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Quirks and Quarks 18:11 A Ugandan vet’s amazing story of her work to save mountain gorillas.

That positive step was due, in no small part, to Ugandan veterinarian Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka.

Her working home is Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, home to roughly half of the world's mountain gorillas. »

Feinstein expressed confusion over Kamala Harris presiding over Senate: report

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Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) reportedly expressed confusion last year when Vice President Kamala Harris was presiding over the Senate to cast a tie-breaking vote, according to a new report detailing the difficulties the ailing lawmaker faces as she continues her work in the Senate.

The latest example, however, reportedly took place last year and illustrates the difficulty Feinstein has had recalling, at times, the basics of how the Senate operates.

According to the new report, Feinstein expressed confusion to her colleagues, when she saw Harris presiding over the chamber, in one of many tiebreaking votes the vice president has had to cast. »