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Sunday April 24th, 2022 evening edition

image for Britain says Ukraine repelled numerous Russian assaults along the line of contact in Donbas

A service member of the Ukrainian armed forces observes the area bordering the rebel-controlled city of Horlivka from combat positions near the line of separation in New York town in the Donetsk region, Ukraine February 9, 2022.

April 24 (Reuters) - Ukraine has repelled numerous Russian assaults along the line of contact in Donbas this week, a British military update said on Sunday.

Despite Russia making some territorial gains, Ukrainian resistance has been strong across all axes and inflicted a significant cost on Russian forces, the UK Ministry of Defence tweeted in a regular bulletin.

"Poor Russian morale and limited time to reconstitute, re-equip and reorganise forces from prior offensives are likely hindering Russian combat effectiveness," the update added.

Reuters could not immediately verify the report.

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Americans Are Drowning in Spam & Robocalls & FCC Does Nothing

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Driving the news: The average American received roughly 42 spam texts just in the month of March, according to new data from RoboKiller, an app that blocks spam calls and texts.

There were more spam calls last month than in any of the previous six months, per YouMail's Robocall Index.

What's next: The FCC tried to reduce robocalls in part by working with cell phone carriers to implement call authentication requirements. »

Baldur's Gate 3 Will Officially Leave Early Access and Be Released in 2023

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Larian Studios has revealed that Baldur's Gate 3 will officially leave early access and be released in 2023.

"So, join us in early access on our journey to Baldur's Gate 3, or come along in 2023 when the game releases.".

The Early Access version of Baldur's Gate 3 was released in October 2020 and featured a wealth of content. »

Former Sen. Orrin Hatch, longest-serving GOP US senator, dies at 88

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"A man of wisdom, kindness, character, and compassion, Orrin G. Hatch was everything a United States Senator should be," said A. Scott Anderson, chairman of the Hatch Foundation.

In a nation divided, Orrin Hatch helped show us a better way by forging meaningful friendships on both sides of the aisle.".

"Senator Orrin G. Hatch personified the American Dream," Matt Sandgren, executive director of the Hatch Foundation, said in its release. »

Russia investigates rumours of British SAS troops on the ground in Ukraine

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The Investigative Committee, Russia's equivalent of the FBI, has launched a new probe into allegations that British SAS troops are being used to sabotage the Ukraine invasion.

Russia investigates rumours of British SAS troops on the ground in Ukraine.

Russia has warned British “mercenaries” that they face death if they remain in Ukraine fighting Vladimir Putin’s troops. »