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Sunday October 10th, 2021 day edition

image for Allen West, Texas GOP gubernatorial candidate, has COVID

Allen West, a Republican candidate for Texas governor, announced Saturday that he's "probably going to be admitted to the hospital" after being diagnosed with COVID-19 pneumonia.

The big picture: He and his wife, Angela West, both tested positive for the virus, according to statements posted to the former Texas GOP chair's Twitter account.

He wasn't vaccinated against the coronavirus, but Angela West was.

Allen West described his condition as "not serious," but noted: "There’s a concern about my oxygen saturation levels, which are at 89 and they should be at 95.".

He announced hours earlier he was canceling in-person events until receiving the "all clear.".

A tweet previously embedded here has been deleted or was tweeted from an account that has been suspended or deleted.

Editor's note: This article has been updated with more details on the Wests' diagnoses and further context. »

Jan. 6 Panel Threatens to Pursue Charges Against Bannon

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“Steve Bannon was not in the executive branch and was not working for the president,” said Representative Jamie Raskin, Democrat of Maryland and a member of the committee.

“Even if you make the assumption that Donald Trump has even a shred of executive privilege, how could that extend to Steve Bannon?”.

That means the panel would have access to a wide range of documents it requested from the National Archives. »

California to require free menstrual products in public school, college restrooms under new law

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"Just as toilet paper and paper towels are provided in virtually every public bathrooms, so should menstrual products.

"Several other states were considering or have required free menstrual products in public schools, according to advocacy group Women's Voices for the Earth.

"California also previously repealed a tax on menstrual products that cost women an estimated aggregate $20 million a year.Women's Voices for the Earth says more than half the states still tax menstrual products as a "luxury" item. »