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Thursday July 29th, 2021 morning edition

image for 14,000 scientists warn of "untold suffering" if we fail to act on climate change

That is exactly what scientists from around the world are cautioning will happen if we don't take the threat of climate change seriously.

In a paper published Wednesday in the journal BioScience, more than 14,000 scientists from 153 countries signed their name to research that warns of an incoming climate emergency.

The scientists found that the world is richer than it has ever been, as indicated by global gross domestic product.

It's also worth noting that renewable energy sources, like wind and solar, are now a cheaper option globally than coal.

The paper published this week is an update on similar research conducted in 2019, which amassed signatures from more than 11,000 scientists.

In the time since that paper was initially published, the world has suffered significantly from extreme weather events caused or made worse by climate change.

Now it's up to governments, industry, and the rest of us to actually heed these warnings — or suffer through what comes next. »

Joe Manchin Makes $500K a Year From One of the Dirtiest Coal Plants in West Virginia

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Sen. Joe Manchin made $492,000 last year from one of the most polluting coal power plants in West Virginia.

Joe Manchin, the conservative Democrat from West Virginia who is the lynchpin of his party’s climate agenda, made nearly $500,000 from one of the most polluting coal power plants in West Virginia last year alone.

“In terms of both of those pollutants,” Kotcon told VICE News, “it’s still the dirtiest plant operating in West Virginia today.”. »

Activision Blizzard employees say CEO’s letter ‘fails to address’ key concerns

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In a new letter, Activision Blizzard employees said that CEO Bobby Kotick’s note addressing allegations of sexual harassment and workplace discrimination at the company “fails to address critical elements at the heart of employee concerns.”

But employees point out that Kotick’s letter does not address some key areas of concern, including ending forced arbitration for all employees and the need for greater pay transparency.

Activision Blizzard leadership informed employees Tuesday that they won’t receive repercussions for attending and will receive paid time off. »

Meet the Dommes Who Are Demanding Their Submissives Get Vaxxed

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The tweet stated that any submissives who wanted to session with Snow in person would have to show proof of vaccination.

Anthony Fauci probably never considered that dommes convincing subs to get jabbed would be an effective way to boost the U.S. vaccination rate.

Indeed, depending on what their specialty is, some dommes just don’t feel comfortable enough doing in-person work unless subs are vaccinated. »

China Offers the Taliban a Warm Welcome While Urging Peace Talks

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The increasing legitimacy bestowed on the insurgents by regional leaders has been met largely with public silence from the Kabul government, and Wednesday’s visit to Beijing was not an exception.

Chinese officials have met with Taliban envoys before, including a meeting in Beijing in 2019, but not at such a high level and in such a public way.

The foreign ministry and the Chinese state news media showed Mr. Wang warmly greeting Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the deputy leader of the Taliban, and also posing with other Chinese diplomats and all nine members of the Taliban delegation. »