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Tuesday July 13rd, 2021 day edition

image for Maine among first states to make school meals free for all students

Now Maine and California have became the first states to announce plans to continue free meals in 2022-23 and beyond.

It really makes sure every child who needs that meal and who depends on school meals gets those meals.”.

Making school meals free for all students could dramatically improve access to healthy food for thousands of Maine children.

According to the Maine Department of Education, about 38 percent, or 65,000 students, are currently eligible for free or reduced price meals.

Emerson, the school nutrition director in Westbrook, has long felt school meals should be free for all students.

Across the country, cost has been a barrier to providing free school meals, although states and the federal government have taken incremental steps toward expanding access.

No one testified against the bill, though the Maine School Management Association did express concern about school districts facing increased labor costs associated with preparing and serving more school meals. »

Joe Biden Is Done Coddling Conservatives and Their Anti-Vaccine Bullshit

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Telling viewers to call child protective services on the parents of children wearing masks.

Claiming Democrats are part of a satanic cult that eats children.

For months, the Joe Biden administration’s approach to anti-vaxxers—of which Biden’s predecessor is one!—was to basically treat their fearmongering and outbursts like a toddler’s tantrums and ignore them, presumably thinking that acknowledging them would make things worse. »

'Woke coke': Drug dealers marketing 'ethically sourced' cocaine

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Brits looking to ease their conscience over their involvement in bloody drug wars overseas are now being targeted by cynical dealers selling what they claim is "ethically sourced" cocaine.

Drug policy expert Neil Woods told the Daily Mirror: "I have been shown ads for 'environmentally friendly sniff' but it's nothing but a very clever marketing ploy.

"I've never heard of woke coke but I can tell you, no one in Colombia produces cocaine 'ethically'. »

A Repair Would Cost $16,000 at Tesla: the Electrified Garage Did It for $700

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Without options, Bone asked for help in Tesla forums, and someone told him about the Electrified Garage.The engineer lives three states away from the garage, but he shipped his car there anyway.

That said, this sort of repair has already been done multiple times, and the cars are still running.

Owners have to have cheaper repair options – such as the one the Electrified Garage offers. »