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Wednesday June 30th, 2021 night edition

image for STUDY: US life expectancy behind other rich nations

(CNN) - A new study finds life expectancy in the United States lags behind other high-income nations by an average of nearly five years.

In 2018, life expectancy in the U.S. was 78.7 years.

That's about three years less than the average life expectancy for 16 high-income peer countries.

But the life expectancy gap ballooned to nearly five years in 2020 after the U.S. experienced a particularly high mortality rate.

No other nation experienced a decline in life expectancy as large as the U.S.

Authors of the study wrote the predominant cause for this large decline was the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as other factors that have impacted Americans' health for decades.

The study was published Wednesday in the BMJ, a peer-reviewed medical journal published by the British Medical Association. »

Biohackers Figure Out How To Make Insulin 98% Cheaper

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In a healthy human body, insulin is a hormone created by the pancreas that controls glucose levels in the bloodstream.

Should a diabetic not have access to insulin, this acid imbalance can trigger diabetic ketoacidosis, a life-threatening condition.

The American Diabetes Association reported that 25% of patients have turned to self-rationing their medication to deal with its ever-increasing price tag. »

Canada Has Added More US Far-Right Extremists To Its List Of Banned Terrorists

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Canada’s government on Friday added more American neo-Nazis to its list of banned terrorist groups, yet another sign that the country is going further than the United States when it comes to recognizing such white supremacist extremists as threats.

The additions follow Canada’s designation of the Proud Boys and other US-based far-right extremist groups as terrorists in February.

It can also make it easier for authorities to get online content posted by the banned extremists removed. »

Trump staffers sought refuge on second floor of White House as former president never climbed stairs

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Trump administration staffers sought refuge on the second floor of White House as the former president never climbed stairs, a new book claims.

It is not the first time that the White House stairs have been discussed as an issue for the one-term president.

And in 2017, Mr Trump grabbed then UK prime minister Theresa May’s hand as they walked down stairs at the White House. »