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Sunday June 20th, 2021 day edition

image for Sen. Ron Johnson, who stalled the passing of Juneteenth as a federal holiday, was booed at an event commemorating the day

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson stalled the passing of making Juneteenth a holiday.

He conceded his efforts on Tuesday and the effort unanimously passed in the Senate.

On Saturday, June 19, he was booed at an event commemorating the holiday in Wisconsin.

Sen. Ron Johnson was booed at an event celebrating Juneteenth in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Saturday, WDJT reported.

A bill making Juneteenth a federal holiday unanimously passed in the Senate on Tuesday, but only made it through after Johnson, a Republican from Wisconsin ended his efforts to block it.

Johnson said it would be too costly to give federal employees another day off, but conceded on Tuesday and said few of his colleagues wanted to debate the idea.

"We don't need you out here," one person can be heard saying about Johnson in a video of the event. »

Canada hits COVID-19 vaccine milestone as 75% receive one dose, 20% fully vaccinated

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Over 75 per cent of eligible Canadians over 12 years old have now received at least one jab of an approved COVID-19 vaccine while more than 20 per cent have been fully vaccinated.

According to COVID-19 Tracker Canada, the country hit its 75 per cent partially vaccinated threshold Friday evening with 25,029,378 Canadians receiving one dose of vaccine.

The achievement lands Canada squarely on the first goal laid out by the Public Health Agency of Canada in early May. »

Warsaw pride parade returns amid LGBT rights backlash

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The largest gay pride parade in central Europe took place again in Warsaw for the first time in two years after a pandemic-induced break — and amid a backlash in Poland and Hungary against LGBT rights.

Warsaw Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski walked at the head of the Equality Parade on Saturday — a sign of support for LGBT rights by the liberal politician.

Thousands of people joined the march and were cheered on by others waving rainbow flags from their apartment balconies. »

The world's most premature baby has celebrated his first birthday after beating 0% odds of surviving

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(CNN) A baby born weighing less than a pound has beaten the odds and celebrated his first birthday, becoming the most premature baby to survive, according to Guinness World Records.

When Richard Scott William Hutchinson was born five months prematurely -- recognized by Guinness as the world's most premature baby -- his doctors prepared his parents for the worst.

Richard was born at Children's Minnesota hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after his mother, Beth Hutchinson, suffered medical complications that caused her to go into labor. »

Drought-stricken communities push back against data centers

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In recent years, tensions over water use by data centers have flared in communities across the United States.

But it’s you and me, searching and needing data that ends up in these data centers.”.

“If it was a wealthy community, maybe they wouldn’t allow the data centers to be built in their backyard.”. »