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Sunday June 20th, 2021 morning edition

image for Warsaw pride parade returns amid LGBT rights backlash

The largest gay pride parade in central Europe took place again in Warsaw for the first time in two years after a pandemic-induced break — and amid a backlash in Poland and Hungary against LGBT rights.

Warsaw Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski walked at the head of the Equality Parade on Saturday — a sign of support for LGBT rights by the liberal politician.

Thousands of people joined the march and were cheered on by others waving rainbow flags from their apartment balconies.

But that level of acceptance is not universal in Poland, a heavily Catholic, largely conservative nation.

“The day of the parade is always a bitter-sweet moment for our community," said Rafal Wojtczak, a spokesman for the organizers.

He described feelings of sadness and helplessness that LGBT people have not achieved rights like same-sex partnership or marriage in Poland, while also facing new threats.

A year ago, the Polish LGBT community faced a backlash from ruling conservative politicians, local communities and the church. »

Kill the 5-Day Workweek

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And it would reignite an essential but long-forgotten moral project: making American life less about work.

But their experiences suggest that when done right, reducing workers’ hours doesn’t necessarily hurt profitability.

It worked: Perpetual Guardian’s business didn’t suffer, and the four-day workweek is still in place three years later. »

'Worst Olympian ever': how a young skier triumphed over trolls

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“I just fell in love with freestyle skiing and the opportunities for expression that it gives people,” she told the hosts vaguely.

The only girl on a 1992 Rockridge Soccer Club team and a 1995 North Oakland Little League team.

The bits she’d been practicing and perfecting, I realized, were micro-steps within a much larger (and more impressive) coordinated movement. »

The Biden administration is enabling a Trump comeback

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But so far, Attorney General Merrick Garland is resisting a full-scale investigation of Trump.

A related factor is Democrats' paralyzing fear of being perceived as "biased" in their use of political power.

He then developed an explicit argument to allow Trump to get away with breaking the law:. »

Aliens Wouldn't Need Warp Drives to Take Over an Entire Galaxy, Simulation Suggests

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A new computer simulation shows that a technologically advanced civilization, even when using slow ships, can still colonize an entire galaxy in a modest amount of time.

The finding presents a possible model for interstellar migration and a sharpened sense of where we might find alien intelligence.

For sure, the distances between stars are vast, but it’s important to remember that the universe is also very, very old. »