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Tuesday June 15th, 2021 night edition

image for Vermont reaches 80% vaccination goal; Scott declares full reopening of state

Gov. Phil Scott made the announcement Monday morning and said, as promised, he is dropping all existing COVID restrictions.

Vermont is the first state in the nation to reach the 80% mark.

The pandemic milestone means masking, social distancing, distance between tables, Plexiglass barriers and other health measures are now recommended, not required.

It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for for 15 months-- a return to normal and freedom from the pandemic.

“There are no longer any state COVID-19 restrictions.

The governor, surrounded by members of his cabinet Monday, ended pandemic restrictions and said he will let the state of emergency expire Tuesday night.

Vermont is the first state in the U.S. to vaccinate 80% of the eligible population. »

Justice Department national security chief resigns over snooping on Democrats

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The New York Times reported on Monday that John Demers, who was appointed under former President Donald Trump, will resign next week.

His resignation comes as the agency faces a whirlwind of criticism over whether it was weaponised by the Trump administration to go after the former president’s political enemies.

The investigations have been sharply condemned by Mr Schiff and other Democrats in recent days. »

Great white sharks’ mating habits: One of the biggest mysteries

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But very little is known about a huge part of a great white shark’s life: their mating habits.

In fact, filmmakers have claimed the act itself has never been filmed, or even observed, among great whites.

“The holy grail for most shark filmmakers would be to capture great white sharks mating,” he told Mental Floss. »

Teachers Across the Country Are Protesting Laws That Stop Them From Talking About Systemic Racism

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Some of the laws are even more broad, seeking to restrict lessons that focus on marginalized groups or equity.

“We, the undersigned educators, refuse to lie to young people about U.S. history and current events—regardless of the law,” they wrote.

“The white teachers who started doing a little bit more teaching about race and racism are now going back to their old way of teaching. »

Narcissistic managers make employees feel unsafe to take risks and express themselves openly

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In fact, people who leave their job frequently report that their manager is their most important reason for doing so.

Narcissistic individuals display a range of self-centered characteristics, including selfishness, entitlement, arrogance and the exploition of people for personal gain.

Narcissists thus simultaneously crave other people’s reaffirmation and validation of their inflated self-image, and feel entitled to attention and admiration. »