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Tuesday June 15th, 2021 morning edition

image for Rupert Murdoch writes down value of Sun newspapers to zero

The £84m non-cash “impairment of publishing rights” essentially means the publisher does not believe the titles will return to positive growth.

More than 80% of the Sun’s losses, about £164m, were one-off charges mostly related to phone hacking.

They included £52m in fees and damages paid to civil claimants, double the £26m paid out in 2019, and a £26m in costs accounted for as “UK newspaper matters”.

“The company is exposed to libel claims in the ordinary course of business and vigorously defends against claims received,” News Group said.

It was not able to stem losses despite cutting sales and marketing costs by 40%, and cutting staff numbers from 605 to 546.

The titles managed to minimise the annual decline in revenue to £20m, with the £330m reported in 2019 falling to £310m last year.

A change in pretax losses from £67.8m to £201.4m means they almost tripled, rather than “more than tripling” as an earlier version said. »

25 corporations marking Pride donated over $10m to anti-LGBTQ+ politicians – study

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A new study, however, has found that 25 companies otherwise eager to wave the rainbow flag have donated more than $10m to anti-LGBTQ+ federal and state politicians over the past two years.

Others named in the study include cable giant Comcast, which has donated more than $1m to anti-LGBTQ+ politicians since 2019.

Comcast itself has created “a virtual ‘Pride World’, where we will feature events, Pride floats, Pride flags, and even a Pronoun Guide for employees”. »

Believe Mitch McConnell: Republicans Will Never Confirm Another Democrat-Appointed Supreme Court Justice

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To that end, a GOP-controlled Senate will never again confirm a Democratic president’s Supreme Court nominee.

McConnell played slightly coy when discussing the possibility of a Supreme Court confirmation in 2023, telling Hewitt: “Well, we’d have to wait and see what happens.”

But anyone who seriously believes a Republican-controlled Senate would confirm a Biden nominee that year—or even hold hearings on one—is deluding themselves. »

Obama: Fox News viewers 'perceive a different reality' than other Americans

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Former President Obama says that Fox News and the proliferation of social media have increased the current political divide in America.

"I’ve spoken about this before, but if you watch Fox News, you perceive a different reality than if you read The New York Times.

And those differences have been amplified by social media, which allows people to live in bubbles with other people who think like them.". »